Friday, May 22, 2009

Again I apologize the dates, I promise to catch up but I want to provide you the up to the minute news! ^_^ Today is 9/2/09 and I drove up to Monterey Park due to my family's influence. It has been a very very random day! @_@ lol I was looking forward to getting some "Fen Tuan", Salty Sticky Rice Roll, at Yi Mei. As we got there the place looked open and as we walked up I saw that the sign said closed. We were all a bit confused... not to mention that it is HOT there. I guess we just arrived a little too late as the Health Dept shut them down! BOOO!!! lol Okay, and EWWW! The sign said that they are shut down due to cockroaches~! It must have just happened because the employees were still inside. Don't know how long they will be shut down. =*( This is the said and scary part... if they would let me... I would still buy food there today! lol O=9 Hey if I drove that far, I want what I want! lol Also, lets be honest... everything around this area is uh... shady! What I don't know or even know... won't kill me... still tastes good... more flavor! haha j/k Still, I am sad that I wasn't able to get what I want as I was so looking forward to it. I went to Yung Ho after this and... **must read to know! lol**


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, I'm sorry that this place closed. I suppose it's a good thing though.

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