Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saturday was a day of catching up. One of our friends was down from SF so Burumun and I decided to hang out. I invited PK to come along to join in the fun and to hang out afterwards as well. Our first stop of the day was at Spoon House. At first we planned to go elsewhere but I suddenly remembered how much Burumun raved about this place. Why not try it out while I'm in the area. =9 The parking is in the back so if you past it like I did, just make a U-turn and park behind.
Ironically, I'm the only one who hasn't been here out of everyone in the group. The outside might look a bit run down but the inside is a cute cafe/diner style. Apparently they are known for their French Bread. PK doesn't remember much of this place except for the yummy bread. Needless to say we went through our basket fast and asked for more. They sell the bread for $3.00 per loaf. It's much better if you just eat it there for FREE!!! lol The bread is light and fluffy with a crispy and flaky outer crust. It's the way Japanese people make French Bread. ^_- I made sure to have some left for the bottom of the bowl to soak up the sauce.
For my dish I debated on what to try. At first I wanted to get the Barca D'Oro but Burumun was getting it so I decided to try the Garlic Beef with Italian Sauce and sneak a bite of her's instead. O=9 I am actually really glad I chose this dish because it was on the safe side. The sauce was stronger and more flavorful with all the chopped garlic. MmMmmm Good. Some of the meat was a bit overcooked but some were just the right chewy texture. Overall I enjoyed my pasta the most. It's simple but a good price. The noodles were nice and firm but I wished there was more sauce. At the end there was enough to soak up with the bread. ^_-
PK wanted to try the Japanese-Style Cod Roe, Squid, Sea Urchin, and Seaweed. We were going to share the pastas as well. I took one bite of the pasta and I was like umm... yah... push the plate to the side! lol PK being as sweet as always, offered to switch back but I said it's okay if we don't. She took a few more bites and switched back, which was very nice of her. I was okay with not eating anymore because I had my fill of carbs. The carnivore inside of me wanted meat! lol This pasta was very very light in flavor and a bit too fishy for my taste. I know it's a seafood pasta but it had that awkward seafood taste. You couldn't really taste the sea urchin in the sauce at all. Luckily we were going to eat live sea urchin later ^_-. *stay tuned*
Burumun had the Barac D'Oro, which was Seafood with Italian Sauce. Inside there was Squid, Shrimp, Clam, and maybe some Octopus. Her pasta looked much better than mine because it was saucy and full of content, but I tried a bite... and I like mine better in flavor. ^_^ The sauce wasn't as rich or flavorful as the one I had. Although looking back on the photo, it looks really tempting. Still, I prefer the garlicky sauce on top of the beef on my pasta.
Our friend ordered the Spoon House Napolitano with Tomato Sauce and "Wiener". The pasta looked hearty and full of ingredients. He said it was good. All in all it was a nice fun meal with friends. The food was not bad for the price, but I wouldn't drive out especially for this. I am glad I got to try it and have some fun with friends. You can make a lot of this at home and you can always buy bread somewhere to accompany your meal. Although if you really love the bread there and want to buy some, why not just eat there and have your fill as you are enjoying your pasta. ^_-

Spoon House
1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-0376
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Kat said...

Another day, another clue ^_^

What is Team #1 serving?
*sounds good to me!*

May Pig said...

Team #1 will be serving cherried duck pizza.

benson said...

cherried duck pizza

Trekkie said...

What they said...

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