Friday, April 3, 2009

I haven't had Persian Cakes before a graduation celebration at our school. My classmates sweet family brought her a super long and beautiful Persian cake. The long cake has many sections and they were all different flavors with different toppings. My favorite flavor was the Pistachio or the Caramel. I asked them where they got the cake and I believe they said that they bought it from Palace Bakery in the same plaza as Jordan. The first time I came here was a Monday and unknown to me, they are closed Mondays! lol Grrr! So many weeks or months passed again for me to trek down there again for cake. One day I went with Lil Bel after our day of adventure but they only had one cake left... =*(
The only flavor was a Cappuccino Cake. It looked beautiful and had the delicious Strawberries glazed over by a thin gelatinous layer that was reminiscent of marshmallows. I asked about the other flavors and they said that they had run out. You can always order the cake a day in advance. =*( I decided to take the Cappuccino Cake since I was already here. Maybe it would be good. For $12, I thought why not. ^_^ The cake was moist and fluffy but I was not a big fan of the flavor. I like the light airy flavor of Pistachio versus having the cake flavored and sweetened just a bit much for me. Still, the cake was good and I devoured the yummy strawberry. Maybe the next time I am shopping at Jordan I will mosey on over to see if they have the other flavors for me to try. O=9
Although it is not pictured here, I did buy an assortment of their cookies and baklavas. They were all pretty nutty and good. Even though their baklavas were not made with pistachios, they were still well made, sweet, and flaky. I personally still like it better with pistachios. All in all it's not a bad bakery. Although I still need to revisit some other ones nearby and try some more of their cakes. Palace Bakery was very reasonably priced for the cake that I bought. If I ever have a special occasion, I'd be tempted to get that super long Persian Cake. ^_^

Palace Bakery

24751 Alicia Pkwy Ste D
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 768-6252


Anonymous said...

Never had a Persian cake, sounds very interesting, would love to try it if I ever had a chance.

Kat said...

You should ^_^ It is really good and the strawberry on top is the best. I love the thin coating that adds a chewy texture to the bite. ^_^

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