Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since Chef Ludo and his wife Krissy were so nice and just a joy to meet, I was motivated enough to bump this post up. As many of you have noticed, I am super super super behind. O=) Gourmet Pigs and Kung Food Panda had both emailed and called me to invite me to LudoBites at the Bread Bar very last minute last week for Tuesday. Due to all the confusion we pushed it back to Thursday. I invited PK to join us on this foodie adventure. Imagine 4 cameras snapping up pictures of every single dish. It's chaos to eat with foodies! lol
So the concept and goal of LudoBites is to make fine dining affordable and fun. They follow the style of renting out restaurant spaces that are only open in the day time at night to cut down the costs that's relayed to the customers. It's a down to Earth dining environment with great innovative food. They don't serve alcohol here so you have to bring your own and there is only a $5 corking fee. Thanks to Gourmet Pigs for bringing the Semlar Cabernet Sauvignon to share. At first Chef Ludo scared me when he said seriously that no photos were allowed @_@ I was taken aback, but it was just a joke. I was also fortunate to meet Christine, "Mattatouille's better half", as Gourmet Pigs said. lol Luckily she was there to clarify that it was a joke. She was helping out in the kitchen, which I thought must have been a wonderful experience! I'd love the chance to work there as well. *hint hint* lol
This is my dedication to food. I drove during traffic hours up to LA to try LudoBites and I had a midterm the next day too. O=) Still, I was glad to go on a food adventure with friends. We were a group of 5 so it was a bit hard for sharing but we managed somehow and were able to try a wide variety of dishes. The first dish to come out was Gourmet Pigs' Shrimps, Sweet & Sour Emulsion, and Rosemary. Each piece of shrimp looked extremely succulent. As the dish was set down I could smell the fragrant aroma of the Sweet & Sour Emulsion.
I guess we were lucky to catch a fresh shipment of White Asparagus. They wanted to try the White Asparagus Velouté, Parmesan Marshmallow, Shaved Feel, and Lemon Zests. I thought the soup was very light, fresh, and flavorful. It was nicely strained to be silky smooth with no grainy vegetable remnants. The Parmesan Marshmallows were very unique and added a different texture to the soup.
Next came the King Red Salmon Cube, Watermelon, Mint, Oranges Confites, and Sesame Oil. This sounded so appetizing that we got 2 orders of this. I was really looking forward to the flavor explosion with all the ingredients. One of my favorite things is to mix fresh fish with fruits to enhance the natural sweetness of them both. The presentation was very nice and inviting. There seemed to be some Ikura atop the salmon. Chef Ludo recommends that the watermelon be consumed immediately after the salmon. I thought the salmon was fresh, but I am not sure what I was suppose to feel by eating the watermelon at the end. This was not as I imagined it to be, maybe next time I will eat them all together at the same time for a bigger flavor explosion. Still, it sounded liked a great idea and the color palate was wonderful.
PK and I are huge fans of Foie Gras so we had to try out their Miso Soup with Foie Gras, Rhubarb, Hibiscus, and Beets. The color of the soup was very radiant and different from the usual Miso soup you'd get at a Japanese restaurant. I thought the soup was very hearty and full of flavor. It's well seasoned and only enhanced by the chunks of Foie Gras in the soup. PK commented that it was rich. Of course it would be when it has sumptuous pieces of Foie Gras floating in the soup. Mmm good!
Surprisingly, PK wouldn't share a dish with me that night. I had to jump and bail ship to share with GP & KFP then. O=9 We shared the Chicken Liver Mousse, Cornichons, and Green Apple. The texture of the mousse was very smooth and it maintained the delectable flavor of the chicken mousse. It was laid upon nicely toasted bread. Maybe I shouldn't have shared with the others? lol Now if it were Duck or Goose Liver Mousse, then there would definitely be no sharing and I'd tell them to keep it coming. O=)
After seeing the Beef Tartar with White Asparagus, Shallots, and Anchovy dish come out PK and I decided to get one for ourselves too. The presentation was very interesting and the slivers of anchovy atop the asparagus was a nice touch. I thought the beef tartare was not bad but nothing really stood out for me on this dish. Adding anchovies was definitely an interesting touch.
Luckily I have no shame in asking for a bite since Gourmet Pigs and I are really close. ^_- I was able to try their Creamy Polenta, Cantal Cheese, Oxtail Beef, and Carrots. Beware, this dish does come out piping hot. I had a difficult time passing it around for everyone to take photos. lol It was extremely creamy and I could taste the decadent flavor of the Cantal cheese. The Oxtail was very tender and melted in my mouth. Chef Ludo joked about how this is a safe dish with us, but who cares if it is safe or not... it's all about how well it's made ^_^. Although, at the end I ordered one to share and I felt that it wasn't as creamy or delicious as the one I stole a bite from. Maybe it tastes better when other people have it? Or maybe I didn't eat it while it was piping hot... still... I'd get this again for sure.
There was no question in my mind that I had to get the Crispy Veal Sweetbread with Foie Gras, Asian Pear, Imaginary Choucroute, and Mustard. What definitely caught our eyes was the word Foie Gras! lol I had to order anything on the menu that said liver! lol There was a nice juicy piece of Foie Gras atop the Sweetbread and Pear. Maybe I shouldn't have shared this dish with PK lol. We had dish envy at the table and immediately the remainder of the table ordered another one to share. Then I had Foie Gras envy! lol I paired each bite with a piece of everything. Though they were all delicious and mouthwatering when eaten separately. O=)
I should have listened to PK and chose the Pork Belly dish over the Marinated-Grilled Hanger Steak "Kobe Style" with Yuzu Radish. The main reason I gravitated towards this dish was the word Yuzu! lol I am a sucker for anything that mentions Yuzu. The steak wasn't as tender or flavorful as I hoped it to be. It was a little overcooked for my liking. At least I got to try the Yuzu Radish though.For dessert they offered 3 different choices. Of course we tried every one of them and more. lol The Baba au Rum with Vanilla Cream, Spiced Syrup & Citrus, and Aloe Vera was definitely loaded with Rum. lol After the first bite you feel the alcohol resonating through your mouth. The cake was moist and flavorful. We were all looking at each other wondering if anyone could get drunk from this cake! lolThe Chocolate Mousse, Ganache, and Cacao Chantilly was very smooth and rich. There was a slight spice/bite, which I really enjoyed. We were all perplexed as to what spice it was that we tasted that gave it the extra kick. This dish was definitely a chocolate lover's dream.
They offered a new dessert that night called Peach "Melba" that's served with Vanilla Ice Cream. We weren't quite sure what "Melba" was and to our surprise it was delicate peach that's poached accompanied with a currant and vanilla ice cream. For fun I did an internet search to what is a Peach Melba! lol "It's a classic dessert, invented in 1892 or 1893 by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel, London to honour the Australian soprano, Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931). It combines two favourite summer fruits: peaches and raspberry sauce accompanying vanilla ice cream." Now it all makes sense. ^_^ The peach was nicely flavored and had a wonderful texture. PK enjoyed it so much she got one for herself as I am opposed to fruit or vegetables. lol *achoo* so allergic! lolTo finish this post, I thought it would be fitting and funny for it to be a salty dish. I wanted to get the Fried Chicken in Duck Fat seasoned with Herbs of Provences and accompanied with Brown Butter Mashed Potato. Instead I chose to get the Hanger Steak... sigh, but I stole a bite from GP again and I was sold. I am getting one of these for myself! lol It's funny how PK made a remark that it's not surprising that I opt out of dessert and get a salty dish since I did that at Gary Danko. She is so right! I am a meat girl, bring on the dishes instead of dessert! lol The chicken was very flavorful, piping hot, and heavenly. How can you go wrong with frying things in duck fat!?!?! I don't even want to think about the heart attack in my near future, but hey.. this is French food we are talking about... what do you expect!? lol Yummy goodness that is! lol The chicken skin was nice and crisp. I can't believe KFP gave up his skin! Lucky GP! lol The mashed potato was superb! It was creamy but still had a nice resilient texture that could only be enhanced with the wonderful flavor. It was PK's favorite part of the dish.
All in all the food was great and the service was wonderful. We were able to chat it up with Chef Ludo and Krissy, which was very nice. You can really tell they care about their customers and that they put their heart & soul into each dish. There were definitely a lot of foodies there that night, which tells you something about this place. ^_- A good time was had by all. We also forced a bunch of alcohol on PK and she didn't pass out! lol I definitely would love to come back here to try out more of Chef Ludo's master creations. Also... I'd love to help out in the kitchen! ~^_-~
8718 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 205-0124
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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fabulous outing! I have to bookmark this because there are so many dishes I would love to replicate!

Ms. Lin said...

This place looks really good!! He is on Top Chef Masters tonight - we really should watch!

gourmetpigs said...

Yay you posted Ludobites!
Glad you enjoyed your dinner there :)
You definitely have to come back. I had dinner there hosted by Fooddigger tonight and it was amazing!

They had tuna sashimi with sushi-rice-ice cream, so interesting. Oh, and :

Foie gras tart with lemon paste.

Did that get your attention? :P

Kat said...

It was great 5 Star Foodie! ^_^ You can catch him on Top Chef Masters this week. It was on Weds but I am sure Bravo replays it again. I can't wait to watch it with Ms. Lin


I HATE YOU BURUMUN! I HATE WILL NOW TOO =*( I AM JEALOUS! **soooooobbbbbbbssssss** If I came up this weekend.. I was going to suggest going again! haha You will have gone every few days then! lol You know that they are special for me to actually post them so quick! lol I had to work all day on the photos this past Tues when I had food poisoning. =*( I haven't even done the other restaurants but I wanted to put the pics up fast so I cracked the whip! haha O=9

Princess Kitty said...

Yes.. you guys were evil..force me to drink ALCOHOL!!

Princess Kitty said...

by the way.. u need to update my URL link's still on wordpress. ;)

Kat said...

I didn't force you.... blame them! They were the ones who poured the rest in your glass. I chuckled since I was still on my first glass lol.

Man! You are so demanding! I changed it now! Happy? lol

Kung Food Panda said... liked it?? Too bad you didn't come to the FD was even better. Foie gras tart. Mmmmmmmm! Totally amazing =P

We'll hit up Ludobites again, as this might be a weekly treat for us here in La La Land :)

PK: We didn't force you to drink, and I think I polished off most of your wine. :)

H. C. said...

Ha, I still have yet to Ludobites ~ but planning to in early August before he (and that crazy foie-gras cupcake) closes up shop.

Kat said...

I know this reply is so late... sorry KFP and H.C.!! lol

Luckily you were there KFP to save PK. lol No one drank my drink! lol I need to train myself with alcohol one of these days... I always say that but I just can't get used to the taste. Darn you KFP for living in LA where there are so many wonderful places to eat! I miss the easy access! lol

I wish I was invited to the Food Digger event. I need to really catch up on posting and linking them so that I am not on their black list anymore =*(

Oh no! H.C., I hope you tried it out before he went on vacation! It's pretty good and it was a lot of fun to go with all the bloggers as you will see another table full of bloggers right next to you too! haha I definitely want to visit him again at his next location. If you haven't gone, then we can go together! ^_-

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