Saturday, March 7, 2009

This was definitely a lesson learned. I made plans to meet with my Mom at Yum Cha Cafe and she passed me the address really quick in the morning. Apparently we weren't on the same page! She went to another location that wasn't listed on the menu. What made things even better was that she had NO IDEA where she was! Luckily I am somewhat familiar of the area and eventually found her. It's not really a restaurant but there are tables for you sit and eat. They are located in the My Thuan Market. The food is all sitting out on the heater and plenty of it. At least the food still looked good. Communication is a bit limited but never fear, you can always point at what you want! lol There's actually a lot of people working there and a lot of people purchasing items.
Of course I had to order your typical Har Gao, Shao Mai, Spare Ribs with Black Beans, Fried Shrimp Ball, and Seafood Dumpling. I feel that their seafood items tasted much better than the meat items. The Har Gao and Shao Mai were just so-so in my opinion but super cheap. I actually liked the Fried Shrimp Ball even after you microwave it but it's super super oily. It's best to eat it right after you get it from this place before the oil separates. The dumpling was not bad and the ribs were alright. I take it all with a grain of salt since it is super cheap.
Normally I love the Shrimp Cheong Fun, but the one here was just alright. The skin was a little bit too soft and runny for my liking. Again, you get what you paid for. I decided to try the Lou Mai Gai, Lotus Leaf Rice, since I thought it was like the Chinese Zongzi but this was definitely not it. As usual I love anything fried so I got another item that was almost exactly like the Fried Shrimp Ball. Don't know if there really was a difference. They taste about the same but look different. I thought they were both pretty tasty but super oily. This one was even more oily because of the strips wrapped around it and then fried.
All in all this place was much better than where my Mom was actually at but that doesn't say much! I am never letting her choose a place especially if it is suggested by that friend. This was all his fault for not knowing EXACTLY where the stupid place is. Apparently no one knew there were 2 locations so close. Of course the one he went to and suggested was the super super ghetto one! Disown! This location is actually much cleaner and for the same price. They also seem to have more of a turnaround so safer. Although I must say that the people working here was Vietnamese so I don't know how authentic of a Cantonese Dim Sum you can get here. At least it is super cheap so giving them a try won't cost you much. =9

Yum Cha Cafe
8900 Westminster Blvd

Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 899-0700


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