Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TP's and my food journey just keeps on going. Hey, if I'm driving so far for good food or hanging out with friends then I'm going to make the most of it. KFP, TP, and I decided to go to Tasty on the way back to my car. =9 I have been meaning to try this place out so why not that night. Although TP and I were aiming to go home early... SIGH! lol Don't blame me TP, no more political talks! haha It's a small place inside the strip mall and they had a huge group there chatting it up, most likely a reunion. At first I was fine with this place but then the woman came over and said no pictures!!! BOOM! Anger! WTH! I'm in SGV! What!?!? I told KFP that if it's this way I'm NOT ordering anything. This ticked me off and I told KFP to ask the guy about the pictures for the dessert again. KFP told me that it can't be since he's been here so many times before and not too long ago where they were taking tons of photos! Grrrrr! I swear men are LESS anal than woman. We asked and it turns out you can take photos of the food but not of the menu or something. So Stupid! I'm not even going to bother labeling their food correctly! >=P Alas my passion to be correct led me to look it up online. Apparently someone else was able to take a picture of their sorry menu! So HA! =P
I thought the decor inside was cute with all the lights and Asian touches. The fake tree with flowers was super cute so it gets its own photo. ^_^ Still, my mood was immediately turned sour after the "NO picture" fiasco.
KFP recommended the Mango, Sticky Rice, and Coconut Juice cold dessert. It looked good since it was a mixture of so many great ingredients. I did not like the bits of Red Rice that reminded me of Red Beans! blech! The texture was chewy and a bit gritty. My face turned sour after one bite and from just seeing the red rice. TP and KFP commented on how dramatic the change was >P. The taste was not what I imagined. It was really light and not sweet at all. No flavors really popped out and it was so watery. I wish I'd ordered what TP got.
That night KFP decided to try something new. He ordered the Mango, Coconut Sago, Grapefruit, and Mango Ice. The Mango Ice was good and the combo was interesting. Still, this was much better than mine! It wasn't super sweet either but sweet enough. Looking back on the photo, I think it looks more full and worthwhile than my sad little dessert! =*(
TP got the Mango Pudding with Fresh Fruits. The presentation was nice and the colors popped. She didn't care for some of the fruits since they were not ripe/fresh. The Mango Pudding was really tasty and made from a good amount of Mangoes. The texture was delicate yet made firm. TP really enjoyed it and was glad she chose that. Still, this was a bit pricey in my opinion. I would rather go to Phoenix Inn for their Mango Pudding since it is cheaper. =9
All in all this place is just aiight and kind of pricey for what it is, especially in SGV. After reading all the rave reviews I was expecting to find a new gem but I've had better. It is almost like Hello Desserts! up North, but not nearly as good. Maybe it was an off day but I don't think I'll be inclined to come back any time soon. For $5-8 without taxes, I can get tons of better food in SGV. >P

301 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 458-1451
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