Thursday, March 5, 2009

After seeing all the rave reviews about Cafe Blanc, I had to try them out. As fate would have it that day I was driving to Susie's Cakes to be adventurous and I happened to come across them along the way back! What else could I do but make a sharp right turn into the plaza to explore. Funny thing is that last night I just drove by it again and this is what prompted me to finish this post! lol Their location is really hidden away as it faces a Mexican restaurant. It's a tiny place facing away from the main street.
The inside is very quaint and simplistic. There aren't that many tables for big groups. I was only there for a quick grab and go. I must say that a lot of their pretty desserts seem to have framboise, raspberry. To be honest, I detest most things with raspberry so my choices were very limited. I really wanted something pretty and delectable because I want a really good picture! lol In then end I settled with the Doux Chocolate that was White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mousse. It was very rich and had a soft texture. The flavors were good but I was definitely not blown away. There wasn't any wow factor and it is not something I can't get elsewhere. Also for the price, I think I could do a lot better.
I also went a little crazy and bought some of their Macarons and Truffles, but they didn't last very long. Not in the good way either. I was not able to have them as they crumbled and melted so easily. This made me sad since I did spend a lot on everything. It's not an arm and a leg but for the value I should have been raving about everything I had. As my friends and loyal readers know that I don't skimp if it is worth it, but for me... this wasn't. The good thing is I am going to make Ms. Lin bring me delicious Macarons from Paris! The question is how I get them from SF! lol
Cafe Blanc
298 E 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 631-9999
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