Saturday, March 14, 2009

After reading about the deal they have at Bamboodles, how can I not stop by for a "pre-dinner" meal. hehe! We drove up to SGV for hot pot next door to Bamboodles so I suggested that we check them out. Of course I had to call to make sure they still have the $1 noodles!!! lol It was on Thursday around 4:30PM and there wasn't that many people inside so we were seated immediately. I was able to catch a quick photo of the "noodle" guy inside but he was just packing stuff away. =**( I passed by after "real" dinner and saw that he was working again but I felt too guilty to run in for just a photo. =*(
I am normally starving after classes and need to consume some food regardless of taste. Why not save some money while we are at it! lol There was 4 of us and we all had to get the $1 noodle for the day! lol That day it was the Spicy Dan Dan Mien. The portions were very generous and filling, which isn't too good for their own business. My Mom and Aunt were too full to eat more! lol Originally they were going to come back for real dinner here but they were stuffed after the noodles and small snacks we ordered. Luckily they stopped my Aunt who was super greedy and wanted to order another $1 noodle to eat there but luckily I guess it is one per person. It makes sense since they have to make money somehow! lol Besides I gave mine to my Aunt since I ordered a bunch of stuff to eat. The noodles were light and the sauce was not bad. We all agreed that it wasn't spicy at all but for $1 I'm not complaining!!! ^_^
They have some other specials on the menu and one that caught my eye was the Wontons in Spicy Sauce for $1.99! I had to get some regardless of what anyone says. O=) It definitely was not what I expected but still good for the price. There is definitely more filler ingredients than meat as it was fairly green but it tasted fine. I liked that there was a lot of chopped garlic and the sauce had its own kick. My favorite place is Yunchuan Garden, but Ms. Lin commented that she likes it here better. We debated and it is mainly because the price is cheaper here. For her, she never loved the other place as much as I did and for the price she'd choose here. >_< Since I was here, I was going to take advantage of trying more stuff out. I remember seeing people say their Green Tea Slice Pork Noodles is good. So when I saw the combo meal deal, I decided to give them a shot. Hey! They need to make money somehow! =P lol In the combo of it includes a choice of drink and choice of appetizer. I debated between the Bean Sprouts & Bean Curd and the Seaweed with Potato for the appetizer. In the end I chose the Seaweed with Potato. This was more potato with a few slivers of seaweed! The sauce was more tangy than spicy. It's not a bad snack but it is also super cheap to order on its own. So it's not really an appetizer but more like an add-on. I actually really liked the Green Tea Slice Pork Noodles. The broth was very light yet flavorful and really hit the spot. I could drink a bowl of the soup because it was very refreshing. The pork was very tender and nicely cooked. Everything in the bowl came together. I like the fatty cut of the pork. The soup mellows out the heaviness and makes it light & enjoyable. Even though this was not part of the deal, it is definitely worth trying. All in all the food was good, especially for the deal! ^_- With my meal, I got the Lemon Tea. At first I didn't like the flavor, but then they came by to give a refill. Wow, not a bad deal. The second cup was better tasting. Maybe it was because I got refills! lol Call ahead before you come here to make sure that they still have their $1 noodles special so that you can try them out at a good price! Keeping it real, they are not to die for but definitely solid for the price. Hmm maybe I need to stop by and see them again this weekend. O=9 Bamboodles
535 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 281-1226
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Anonymous said...

Yummy noodles and great deals too!

Kat said...

Yup yup ^_^ it was a great deal. I hope they keep this promotion for a long time! O=) I still need photos of the guy actually making the noodles! lol

Hope you are having a great week 5 Star Foodie! I always love hearing from you. ^_^

Ms. Lin said...

It is a pretty good deal!

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