Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KFP suggested that we hang out for a drink at Ten Ren's Tea Time nearby. He was nice enough to drive TP & I around since I was sick of driving sooooo FAR AWAY to satisfy my craving. O=9 This place is FOB/Asian Central. It's a tiny tea place and there is a minimum for each person if you sit down to drink the tea inside. They have a big menu ranging from food to drinks. We were there for a while and this group of VERY VERY ASIAN girls were next to us made me think twice about this location. They apparently went to some park and got some plastic blow up bats at which they decided to use to whack each other the whole time they were there. It was quite childish and annoying but what can you do. One good thing is that TP found an eye candy! ^_- A wedding party was there to get drinks and she found a guy that appealed to her to look at. lol
I decided to try their Special Fruit Green Tea. This drink was very similar to the Fruit Tea at Tea Station and why not? After all they both use Ten Ren tea. The difference is that I had it with Green Tea this time which is a bit more refreshing and brings out a different fruity flavor. Still, I would have liked to have some fresh pieces of fruit in the drink like the ones I get at Tea Station. KFP had a Matcha Smoothie with Red Beans. The drink looked good but I abhor Red Beans. >_<# Still, the smoothie looked like it was blended well and could be tasty. TP was supposedly "full" and didn't want to order anything but then she decided to give the Brick Toast "Nai Su" a try. She was full in the beginning and then while we were waiting for the toast she became starving??? lol TP is a very complicated person! I got her addicted to Brick Toast after Half & Half Tea House, but the one here can't hold a candle. They didn't put enough flavoring on top and the toast was nowhere near as aromatic. This must mean that they were skimping on the butter! The more bad things on it, the tastier it would be! O=9

All in all, not too impressed. The drinks are not bad but what is the difference between a Tea Station? I would rather go to Tea Station since I have their stamp card! Wasn't too fond of the crowd that night and it is a lot more cramped here. Still, the company was great and good times were had by all! ^_^

Ten Ren's Tea Time

846 W Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 821-0250
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