Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I still remember when I use to come here all the time while I was attending UCLA. My friends and I would brave through traffic to get ourselves some delicious udon or shop for groceries at Mitsuwa. The Mitsuwa use to be very run down in this tiny shopping center. Parking still remains the same but the interior has changed drastically. It now looks much newer and the dining area has completely changed. They now look similar to the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa. I guess they are trying to standardize the stores now.... but WHERE is the Udon shop =*( I am saddened by this now. Since I arrived early to LA I decided to grab pre-dinner and what better time to try out Santouka Ramen here. After having tried them out in Costa Mesa, it was time I experienced the LA version! lol
Things were flipped this time around because I decided to order the Chashu Hot Miso Ramen, which has more meat. O=9 We all know it is all about the yummy meat. The taste was good and the portion plentiful. I added tons of Chili Pepper to give it an extra kick. It's a great combination of flavors and textures without being too salty.
Of course I had to get the Chashu Rice again. I added a bunch of Chili Pepper again to give it more flavor. The main reason I get this is for the extra meat but I am always too greedy. Ramen is plenty and I am always stuffed by the time I get to this. Also, it is kind of bland by itself. I recommend pouring some excess soup or more soy sauce in to give it extra flavor.
This time around, my friend got what I had on my first trip to Santouka Ramen in Costa Mesa. He got the set of Chashu Ramen with Chashu Rice and Egg. The soup in Costa Mesa was a little bit too salty IMHO but the one here wasn't as salty, which was nice. Looking at the photo though, I think Costa Mesa does a much better presentation. Still, the flavors were good and the ramen is delicious. O=9
All in all the Santouka Ramen in LA is almost the same as the one in Costa Mesa. They are both tasty and now they look the same. Personally I think the presentation in Costa Mesa is a bit better... and since I live in OC... I will stick with my own Santouka Ramen ^_- but I am glad to try the one in LA out. This Mitsuwa brings back so many memories and it looks much nicer than before. Brings back tons of memories. Good times! lolSantouka Ramen
3760 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 391-1101

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Kung Food Panda said...

I love Santouka! One of the biggest thing I miss about living in the South Bay....

Kat said...

South Bay? Are we in Norther Cal? lol where do you see a bay near LA?

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