Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's astounding that I have not posted about this place. I have so many pictures hidden on many hard drives lol. Here is the most recent visit to Jin's Patisserie. It's a small, quaint, and zen patisserie on Abbot and Kinney Blvd. The small courtyard where you can sit and enjoy pastries with freshly brewed tea. They have special cakes on the weekends so be sure to get there early enough to snag one. We came after our meal at Ocean and Vine for an after lunch and dessert... snack? haha O=9
They don't have that many tables so when we arrived during the afternoon we had to wait for a table. I immediately ran in to stake my claim on the Spring Bouquet and to check out what cakes are left in the case. There were only 2 Spring Bouquets left and I made sure they were mine. O=9 I have had a bunch of their cakes and I always try to experience a new flavor. Burumun's favorite cake has always been the Spring Bouquet and I tried it a long long time ago but didn't quite like it that much. As time has moved on, she always gets a Spring Bouquet for her B-day and last year I got to sneak a piece that has turned over a new leaf. I really liked it! Hence this time around with Ms. Lin and PK, I had to have it and take one home. Actually sitting here typing and looking at the photos, I really want to go up to LA for cake now! lol Any takers? O=)
It was a very very cold and windy afternoon. The heat lamps were on and the three of us were bundled together to keep warm. We were all in the mood for a hot drink. PK and I decided to try out their Hot Chocolate. We both thought it was a bit pricey when we saw it on the menu for $5.50 but we both weren't in the mood for tea. Everything here is a bit pricier but worth it and the same theory applied to the Hot Chocolate. It came out in a pot! PK and I were both shocked. I was lucky enough to catch a photo as the server was pouring. ^_^ The Hot Chocolate was very thick, rich, and dark... but way too much after a cup. If we had knew that it was a pot, PK and I would have shared. It was almost torture trying to finish it off. Also, with the cakes you have to be very careful or you won't be able to taste the delicate flavor.
Ms. Lin decided to try the Adéle H Black Tea. "In the spirit of the traditional Chai tea, with Assam and spices, this combination of a thousand fragrances is a tribute to India and its splendor. A beautiful blend mixed with rare tea blossoms, spices, chili and vineyard peach." The tea comes out freshly brewed in a small pot. Ms. Lin thought the tea was fine but wished that they would just pour more hot water in to continue the brew, but sadly they only give you the tea in the pot. So for the price, it really isn't that worthwhile. They also had changed their tea in the past year and I don't think they are as good as before.
I of course got the Spring Bouquet that is Fluffy Meringue, Light Exotic Cream with Fresh Mango and Strawberries. The Meringue melts in your mouth and the flavor just pops. Everything blends together perfectly. It is fresh and light. I can sit there and eat a million of these without feeling heavy or any guilt. O=9 This was the winner of the table as everyone devoured it. Every bite was light and chewy with delicious fresh fruits. Mmmmm Mmmm GOOD.
Ms. Lin decided to try the Inspiration that is Soft Caramel and Bittersweet Chocolate with a touch of Sea Salt. The cake was moist but it was way too sweet. After a few bites the flavor just takes over the mouth and you definitely can't drink the Hot Chocolate with this. Water please! lol I wished the caramel had a hint of burnt flavor and a tad more sea salt.
PK decided to get the Green Tea that is Mousse made from Green Tea along with Red Bean Paste. As soon as I saw the Red Bean, Azuki, I knew that cake was not for me. Still, I am open to trying anything out. The flavors were light and smooth but it didn't have any wow factor. I think the Spring Bouquet was the perfect balance of flavor and delight.
All in all it was a nice evening and experience. Even though we were cold, good times were had by all. I relished the Spring Bouquet. Now I just want more! lol While we were sitting there they were sampling cookies. First they missed us and eventually made their way to our table. They were sampling the Lavender Shortbread and a Chocolate Covered Nut. The chocolate was good but the Shortbread was unimpressive. My favorite cookie is the Cornflake cookie because of the extra texture that jumps out at you. Nonetheless, I love coming here and I always enjoy my dessert or lunch. ^_^
Jin Patisserie
1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-8801
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Kung Food Panda said...

I've been here before. While I thought it's nice, it's completely over priced. Yet, it's a great place to go on a date or something, so I can't say I won't be back :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this patisserie sounds fabulous! Look at all those delicious treats! Your pictures are gorgeous!

Kat said...

I agree KFP, it is expensive but the Spring Bouquet is worth it O=9 Sometimes I skimp and get the sandwich combo where you get the dessert of the day, which is not too bad. It's like an afternoon tea place, so what do you expect =9 lol but still good. The cookies are way over-priced too... $7 a bag now I think @_@ but so good! lol

Thanks 5 Star Foodie ^_^ I try to make all the food look yummy... which can be deceiving haha but it's a pretty good place for cake and cookies. They just opened up a new branch in Century City, CA.

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