Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just as I got to the store, it started to rain really hard and I had to snap the outside photo fast! It was not very nice to be rained on. Of course this was only when I was entering and exiting this place. Maybe it was a sign! The rain stopped shortly after that, but not whilst I was near French's Bakery. Ironically, I have been to the location closer to home! I thought this would be a new place to try out. Well I have never been to this location so it still counts as new! lol As soon as I walked in, I started taking pictures of course. Again, I was told that photos are not allowed. Sucks for them that I already shot a bunch before she said anything! Okay, dude... WTF! What's up with these anal places about photos! This is what brings you business and more appeal. In my book these days if you tell me this, you can take it and SHOVE IT! If you had a sign up I would respect that, but not you limiting my freedom after I walk in. I should really learn from what Ms. Lin advised me to do. Next time I am going to ask why and tell them this is an interview going up on my site! lol It's not like they are the freaking Louvre.. and even there you can still take photos in most rooms! >=P
Despite the negative beginnings, I will always give a fair review for the food. TP was with me and even she thought that it was dumb about the photos. Still I decided to pick some stuff up for myself and I needed something nice for Veggie Girl's Mom since they were making me dinner that night. I am a polite guest ^_-. P.S. Veggie Girl = MG... I have decided. The Chocolate Cupcake looked very tempting but it didn't taste that great. I can make better with my trust Betty Crocker mix! haha It looked very tasty and tempting but as we all know, the outer appearance is not everything.
What I really liked was the Chocolate Dipped Macaroon. It was huge and delicious! Maybe it's because I haven't had one in a long time but the taste and texture was perfect. I really enjoyed the outer layer where the Coconut is toasted and gives it that extra bite. Be sure to eat the chocolate evenly with the macaroon! lol Got to get the best of both worlds.
When I saw that they had a cookies called Princess Cookie, I had to get it. Fitting, no? haha Tofu once said that about me when I got a Princess Cake. Here is a shout out, I miss Tofu! =*( I should call him... eventually! haha The way this cookie looked I thought it would be more like Florentine, but I was wrong. After one bite, I gave it to my Aunt! haha Once again, the outer appearance didn't correctly reflect what was inside.
Their Custard Éclair looked very inviting, so I had to grab one. I think I made the mistake in letting this sit overnight because it was completely soggy the next day. To be fair, I think it was a good deal for the amount of custard you get. This thing weighed a TON! lol I would be inclined to give this another try since it was my fault that I didn't eat it the day of. It would have been much better if the éclair was fresh and still solid! lol
I chose a pretty small Strawberry Cake. It looked super cute and was not too tiny so I decided that this would be a good little gift to bring for Veggie Girl's Mom. Also, it didn't help having TP rushing me. lol The good thing was they did like the cake. ^_^
All in all.... s'alright... Like I said... I am fed up with the "You can't take photos" comment from these kind of crappy places, but to be fair... I did love the macaroon so I will probably be back for that but I am in no hurry to give them more money. =P They aren't all that and there were a lot of hit and misses. If they were better in customer service then they'd get some bonus *brownie* points. The prices are decent for what you get, but I'd take Porto's over them ANY DAY! They need to open one in OC soon so I can give them my money! haha

French's Bakery

1170 Baker St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 546-6386
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Unknown said...

We have a French's Bakery in MV...where have you been girl? The bakery is near our place and it's been there for a while....I moved to MV five yrs ago and it was already there....li'l bel

Kat said...

haha I know thanks, but I have to say... the one in Costa Mesa tasted better. Still not worth the price, but I would go back to the one in Costa Mesa for the Chocolate Covered Macaroon ^_^

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