Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bahama Breeze is a great place for late night food, but I feel like they aren't open as late anymore! =*( They are located behind the strip near the Venetian and diagonally across from Terrible's. Ms. Lin was the first to introduce this place to us and I keep meaning to go back for the wings!!! lol So far I have not found the same delicious wings anywhere else =*(. They are a very cheesy Caribbean themed restaurant. It reminds me of Islands or Outback, those kind of corny theme/decor. They do have a bunch of mixed drinks that looked tempting, but hey I am in Vegas... who pays for booze! haha
We had gotten into Vegas really late and Ms. Lin had already eaten. My Mom wasn't that hungry, but I wanted something and since we are in Vegas I was sure I can get food easily. We decided to just order very few things and just share. That night I wanted a hot soup and I am always up for Chicken Tortilla Soup with Roasted Chicken Broth, Fresh Vegetables, Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Corn, and Fresh Avocado. The soup was alright. I asked for extra Tortilla Strips because I love the crunchy texture. It took them awhile but I eventually got a big plate. The soup broth was light but it was almost cold by the time I got the extra strips.
An old time favorite of mine is Coconut Shrimp, but the one here is not going to make the list. =9 If only I knew, I would have ordered 2 Wings lol. The Shrimp was coated with Sweet Flaky Coconut and served with a Citrus-Mustard dipping sauce. There was only 5 shrimps and they were kind of bland. I prefer the one at Outback more because they are plump instead of a flat cut like the ones they had here.
The Jamaican Grilled Chicken Wings were the best part of the meal. It's Chicken Wings marinated with Spicy Jerk Seasoning then slow roasted and served with a tangy dippy sauce. Some pieces were really good but some were way overcooked. The pieces that were still moist were really flavorful and gave a great kick. Mmm I want some right now! lol The outer layer has a really nice texture. It's hard to describe but I can only think of as nicely roasted skin that has lost all the fat and still has the nice soft chewy texture. Did I mention that I want some now? lol

All in all the food was your typical chain restaurant except the wings. After having the Jerk Wings here I have gone to a lot of places elsewhere to try it and so far none live up to it. Maybe when I go back it won't be as good as before but I am still going back! lol It's a good place for a late night snack or just something on the go. I'm not really inclined to try more of their dishes, I would only stick with the wings. =P IMHO

Bahama Breeze
3200 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 733-7563
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