Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TP keeps raving about Wingnuts and is always trying to drag me up into her area to try them out. Recently they have had the 2 for $20 deal where you can choose from a wide list of dishes. I personally don't think it is that great of a deal because most of the dishes are under $10! So the real perk that you get is to get a drink for free and that is it. We came as a group of 3 so the deal didn't quite really work out that way. This is a pretty big place with lots of TV's. If MMP wasn't pregnant she would be drinking beer and eating wings that night. lol It's that kind of place.
MMP opted out of the deal since there were 3 of us and the numbers didn't quite work out. She got the 20 wings for $17.99 where you can only choose 2 flavors. After a long debate on the vast choices available, we kind of agreed upon Soy Ginger and Carolina BBQ. They were both unimpressive. I thought the Soy Ginger was bland and basically just wings soaked in bad soy sauce. The BBQ was not good either and wasn't anything different from normal bad BBQ. I will give them credit that the wings were juicy but without real flavor. Kind of felt bad for MMP since she ordered 20 wings that weren't even good.
The server recommended Honey BBQ for Chicken Strips so I decided to give it a try. How can you ever go wrong with FRIED boneless meat? Well... you can. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything to write home about. The chicken was fried nicely but I didn't really care much for the sauce. At least they don't drench the pieces full of sauce and making it soggy. I will give them credit that at least the wings and strips are the same price.
TP chose to do the Kung Pao Wow Chicken Strips. I thought the sauce was just salty with a hint of spice. She commented that it is much better when they are on wings and taste completely different. We both decided to get Criss Cut Fries instead of the regular Propeller Fries. The fries were decent, but my favorite Criss Cut Fries is still from Carl's Jr. O=9
All in all, blech! I was sitting there the whole time thinking... why am I here... I am going to kick TP later... can't remember if I did... must kick her the next time just in case! lol Maybe we just picked the wrong flavors, but I am very skeptical now. I know they have 65 cent for each wing on Wednesdays, which seem like a better deal. Don't know how they will let you choose the flavors but I'd be willing to go back to test them out some more... but no high hopes. Man I need to go to Santora's to make up for this bad wing experience.


3030 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-7700
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Anonymous said...

hmm that doesn't sound good, nor does it sound like a very good deal.

Kat said...

It isn't good nor a good deal... the 65 cent per wing on Wednesdays sounded much better. I am starting to judge TP and her food judgment O=9

Man, I want some KyoChon or Buffalo Wings now! lol

DanGarion said...

I liked Wingnuts the first time I went there a couple years ago. I really wanted to continue to like them the next couple times we ended up there, but after my last two visits I'm just not a fan. The wings lack flavor, and you can't just choose your own mixture of wing flavors you have to do their pick of flavors if you want different tastes.

Also they are unresponsive to emails sent to the address on their website. Very disappointing since I was trying to provide them constructive criticism.

I'm looking forward to checking out the Buffalo Wild Wings that is opening up in Santa Ana on 17th near Tustin shortly!

Kat said...

Thanks for the tip DanGarion, I will have to check out that new wing place opening up. I am ALWAYS in the mood for good wings! ^_^ In fact I just went to Santora's for my monthly dose of Buffalo Wings... even though I have a bad cough... **tee hee**

That is horrible that they are so unresponsive and especially when you are trying to provide the constructive criticism! That just shows how little they care about customer concerns... bad.

I have only been once and I am NOT impressed. *sorry TP* It's really hard to find a good wing place and especially a chain! =*(

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