Sunday, January 11, 2009

I know the weather has been pretty cold in SoCal but that doesn't stop me from eating Piccomolo's Italian Ice Cream. TP, MG (Nickname TBD later), and I were out for lunner in the Woodbury shopping center. I happened to see the weird name Piccomolo and I thought about walking closer to see what it is... Then their sign caught my eye... "Today's Treat, $1.95 Scoop and Cone" Since TP went to the bathroom, MG and I just walked over to browse. We were full but the deal was good enough to overcome that feeling. TP was complaining about how stuffed she was, yet... she picked up a scoop too! haha **There's always room for dessert! ^_-**
**note: I love Alessi designs, sooo cute ^_^** It's obvious that this place does not get much business on the weekdays because their case, although full of choices, barely had any gelato. They all looked yummy and nicely presented so I took my time browsing and clicking. Looking back on the photos I wished I had tried the Watermelon flavored gelato since that slice looks delicious. MG and I tried a bunch of flavors. I didn't feel too welcomed to try the flavors since the girl working there had a sour expression.
Some flavors were good, some decent, and some were just bad. After a few flavor tastings, I just settled on Hazelnut, Nocciola di Diabeitque... I obviously wasn't paying attention because I didn't want to try many of the flavors and just chose a scoop so I can stop seeing the girl's sour expression. If you can tell by the Italian name... WHOOPS! I chose a SUGAR FREE gelato! The flavor was not too bad, but darn it... dessert is not suppose to be healthy! haha I feel jipped!!! Still I couldn't tell that it was sugar free.. the flavor was strong enough and sweet enough. So that is good that they offer this option because I can take my parents now.
They did offer some unique flavors too. TP got Guava and Pineapple. MG got the Tiramisu that was pretty alcoholy for my taste, which is how MG likes it ^_-. For the price and a quick grab near luner... not bad. All in all I would come back with the family for the sugar free option but I still think Tutto Amore Gelato is much more inventive, tastier, fun, and welcoming. See I am not cheating on Tim **looks around innocently**
Piccomolo : Italian Ice Cream
6412 Irvine Blvd Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 733-3373

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Kat said...

FYI - This place has gone out of business =*(

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