Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks to the recommendation of L.A. and O.C. Foodventures and Food GPS to try Nước MíaViên Tây for my Sugar Cane Juice fix... darn them too! I use to be happy with my buy 2 get 1 free sugar cane juice at Bánh Mì Chè Cali before trying here. The people here are really nice and now they remember me since the first time I went to their place I tested out my new logo/toy. I am debating on using "follow the panda" slogan or trademark. The toy is super cute and it looks great in photos. O=9 They now ask me about my panda. lol
Somehow they use the sweetest sugar canes and are a lot more consistent. After the first time I tried them out, I went back 3-4 times and keep in mind I live 30-40 mins away! Not to mention that it is $3.50 for the large cup... and every time I go I must get like 2, then it was 3.. then 4 cups... it is an ADDICTION I tell you lol. Slowly I am able to make it through the day without their sugar cane juice and being poor has led me back to my B2G1F's lol.
Still, Top Notch Sugar Cane Juice in my book. You can have it with Kumquat or just pure Sugar Cane Juice, which is what I get. They are both tasty but are completely different with just a simple additive like Kumquat. Be sure to give them a try if you are ever in the neighborhood. If you have never had Sugar Cane Juice, this would be the place to try it out! ^_-

Nước Mía Viên Tây

14370 Brookhurst St
Garden Grove, CA 92842
(714) 531-9801


Anonymous said...

I have never had sugar cane juice. Wonder if I can find a place in DC to try it. Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Banh Mi Cali's juice has a flat taste and all you really taste is the kumquat they throw in. I haven't been to Vien Tay in awhile. Maybe I'll stop in this weekend. Of course, there is always a line out the door. Especially when some one orders 4 at a time :)

Anonymous said...

you should really cut that stuff Kat... it's pure sugar and doesn't do you any good..

gourmetpigs said...

the panda stuff is cute, but Chubby Panda has beaten you to that years ago.
So ... maybe try a cat one? :P

Anonymous said...

what is this sugar cane juice you speak of.

Kat said...

5 Star Foodie, oh you are missing out! Hopefully there is a Vietnamese bakery or restaurant near by that offers it! ^_^ A cheating way is to buy the canned Sugar Cane sticks and gnaw on those. You can get a small taste of great fresh sugar cane juice ^_^

I agree TeriBeri! They are very inconsistent and recently I bought 3 cups that tasted almost rancid. =P You should really go there and Vien Tay out ^_^ It's pretty good but quite costly if you get addicted. Don't worry I promise to let you in on the action if I am in front of you in line. O=9 Also I am going to cut down my sugar intake.

Anonymous, I know I know... =*( Empty bad calories... but I was doing it for my blog O=) also to introduce friends to it ^_- I am going to be good and stay away for now. It will help my wallet too lol

Kat said...

Thanks for letting me know Burumun. I stopped carrying it with me b/c I will be sad if the cute panda gets dirty. I thought about a cat but I just love Pandas! Also because of my photo on the internet. It's time I post it on here to explain why. O=)

Hey Matt... I need to put more pics of what Sugar Cane looks like to show you. It kind of looks like bamboos but they are actually sugar cane that is flattened to drain the nectar. Give me a few days and I will organize the photos to show you what it looks like. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Will they do delivery? B/c i live in a different state and really craving for suger cane juice. I really hope they would deliver. Please let me know if they do:

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