Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I know I am sooooo behind but I promise to catch up soon O=9 Finally, I am getting to talk about NYE and the craziness that is Downtown Disney. At first I had bought some nice Buffalo Wings from Santora's for home and was going to just spend a nice relaxing night at home. Of course since Ms. Lin has not been down in SoCal for NYE, I wanted to spend it with her but she went out. We made a fall out plan that if where she went wasn't too fun that we would meet in Downtown Disney to see the fireworks... smart right? So we thought....
Sitting and eating my delicious chicken wings, I get a call from Ms. Lin to gather the family to head on over to Downtown Disney to celebrate the New Year... sounded good in theory. I had to drive over to pick them all up and then to Anaheim... of course... the fog was IMMENSE! Like crazy amount of fog where you couldn't see your own hands in front of you! I was so tense driving and stressed... then you get to the parking area... even before you get there.. DEAD TRAFFIC! Bad Drivers... and more! OMG... I was about to pull my hair out by this time. Then came the wonderful news... Parking is FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS! I was like... NO F-ing way!! I was so tempted to turn the car around and go home! Since I sat through so much traffic and we are already here, everyone in the car said to just go in and pay the ridiculous amount for parking. Normally parking is FREE for like 2 hours or even more with validation, but they want to milk as much as they can.
To show you how bad the weather is, I took a picture with flash near Mickey Mouse and you can see how the light just bounced right through the thick fog! Crazy huh? Imagine driving in that weather! To make it worse.... you pay all that money to go to Downtown Disney and see NOTHING! lol I think whenever Ms. Lin and I get together to go see any event we see NOTHING! lol It's a curse! There was no way to see the fireworks in that dense fog. I made a joke that they planned it this way so they could skimp. Since no one can tell if there were any fireworks that the Disney people just "played"the sound of fireworks going off lol.
Last but not least we were looking at the display case inside the hotel and my cousin pointed out another Disney perversion. As many of you already know.. they purposely put risque images or hide certain puzzles in their posters... movies.. and more. What he found here was a little bit inappropriate.... look at those globes and sticks next to it... what do you think that looks like?? **cough cough**


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