Saturday, January 10, 2009

It was girl's night out and Preggar's aka MMP was craving for dessert/ice cream. I remembered reading about Milk + Honey for dessert and it was close by so I thought it would be a good suggestion. TP drove us and we cruised on over to the Camp, which is where I thought it would be... we got out and looked around but couldn't find it so I had to run in and ask a store again. Apparently it's on the outside/corner of the street and not in the main area. After some circling about we were able to find it.
We were almost about to turn around because MMP was getting tired trotting around but we were finally at our final destination. They have an outside patio/attachment on the side that is very relaxing and calming. It was too cold to site outside but of course the inside is opened to the outside so it was still cold. MMP's mood for ice cream went away, not that they offered that. =9 They have shaved ice and frozen yogurt. I thought their shaved ice looked interesting and was looking for people to share it with. Unfortunately they were all too cold. I really liked the candle holder on the table so I had to take a photo ^_-
I ended up ordering a White Chocolate Hazelnut Cappuccino for $4.30. It was hot and strong! I asked for it to be extra sweet but I didn't feel it was sweet enough so I added more brown sugar and some honey since I am at Milk + Honey. lol The drink was very strong in coffee flavor but I couldn't really taste the hazelnut flavor. MMP got Hot Chocolate and Walnut Baklava. I thought the Baklava was sweet, but not too sweet. Normally I don't like walnuts in my dessert but the flavor wasn't too overpowering. It was flaky and light.
All in all it was only alright, but then again I only had drinks and Baklava. Maybe I will go back to give their shaved ice a try. The lady there seemed nice. I thought it was really cute that her bf or husband brought groceries from Costco and they shared a quick peck as soon as he came in. Awwww! lolMilk + Honey
2981 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 708-0092
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Anonymous said...

Milk + Honey is a cute name :) Love that candle!

Anonymous said...

baklava mmm

Kat said...

I know huh, 5 Star Foodie... it is sooo cute! ^_^

I agree Matt... mmmmMmmm I just had more baklava today at this other place and for free O=9

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