Monday, January 12, 2009

My last visit to Marche Moderne was horrendous but I decided to give them another try because PK wanted to do lunch somewhere nice and new... well to her. Maybe the 3rd times the charm. I will admit that this is a great deal in OC but I wouldn't want to come back based on their crappy service and management if it weren't for PK. Saturday lunch is 3 courses for $25 still. Since it has been a while, I decided I would lift the ban so that PK can try something new and exciting. One of our friends/acquaintances bailed on us but PK invited another friend to join us. We sat outside in the patio, which is much nicer than the crowded dining room. I do like that they offre fresh hot bread. My favorite is the Baguette because I am not a big fan of Country Wheat.
For starters offered they offered Antipasti with Parmesan Scone, Tapenade, Roasted Pepper, Pamplona Chorizo, Basil Emulsion, and Field Greens. The colors were beautiful and nicely presented. I liked the Parmesan Scone since I love cheese and it had a soft texture. This did remind me a little bit of the Red Lobster's biscuit... but not as salty or buttery. I have actually been to Pamplona.. the meat was decent but nothing special. Pamplona does offer delicious and better charcuterie. The Tapenade was actually pretty good and not overpowering. I didn't care much for the peppers. This was an intricate dish and photographed very nicely ^_^.
Lucky that I have PK as my plus 1 all the time! We get to share a lot of the food and try more dishes. Since we were waiting for her friend, I saw that they had an American Kobe Carpaccio Dungeness Crab Meat with a Truffle Remoulade and Herb Salad. To be honest.. they had me at TRUFFLE! ^_^ This all just sounded so delicious together and I asked if PK would like to share it with me... even if she didn't... I'd be all over it! lol The presentation and photos turned out really well. You could smell the aromatic flavor of the truffles, but it was mainly truffle oil... still good! The meat was thinly sliced and the texture was great. I am on the fence about the crab meat because it was more like a crab salad and a little tangy. Luckily it was full of meat so not too bad.
I got to try both dishes since I have my handy plus 1! The Brown Butter Eastern Skate Wing with Flageolet Beans, Fennel, Parsley Salad, and Chick Pea-Cumin Aioli. This dish was not very good because the sauce was bad. It reminded me of the horrendous scallop dish I had last time... ewwwwww. The skate was decently cooked but not quite the texture I am looking for. There was barely any fish in the dish. It was mostly beans that were soaked in the bad sauce. No Thanks! Pass!
The other main dish was Roasted Prime Flat Iron Steak with Cauliflower Gratin, Mustard Cream, Potato Chip, and Arugula. I thought the steak was cooked very nicely and had a great texture. The gratin was very good and cheesy. I definitely could do without the mustard cream, but this dish was much better. The components actually went well together and was executed well. It's actually rare that they do the main course well because it has always been that the appetizer excels.
For dessert they had a simple Tahitian Vanilla Panna Cotta with Palmier Twist. The presentation was very simple and almost too simple. This was a very very very bland dessert and not very memorable. You could not really taste the Tahitian Vanilla. The texture was soft but I definitely wasn't feeling it and everyone at the table agreed. Not the best way to end the meal.
All in all the appetizer I ordered was great and the steak was good. At least the service this time was not too bad, but they also weren't busy. Based on this visit I might be nice enough to overlook the last horrid incident. Who says I am not willing to give people or places a chance! All for the sake of PK... feel the love! haha Like I have said... their food is not bad, but beware that it is not very consistent. Still, for the deal... it's a good place to take people who want something new and modern.

Marche Moderne
3333 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-7900
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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a better experience this time. That panna cotta sure looks good.

Anonymous said...

your blog food > my blog food

Jared said...

Kat, it'd be cool if you had a map on your site so that I could go directly to stories about restaurants in certain neighborhoods. You can pick up a free one at

Kat said...

Thanks 5 Star Foodie ^_^ I am glad that I gave them another try so I could taste the Kobe Beef Carpaccio. Service was much better this time so I think I will go back. If you are ever around here, I will definitely have to take you there to check it out! ^_-

Matt, you are too funny! I love your blog too ^_-

Thanks Jared, I will look into that and think about it.

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