Friday, December 26, 2008

I know it's hard to believe but I have never had Hainan Chicken before nor heard of it. So what do I do when I see rave reviews about it? I asked Ms. Lin about it and she told me that it's a sort of bland chicken but when done right it can be very good. Of course I lowered my expectations because I am not that big of a chicken fan. We decided to stop at Savoy Kitchen for lunch on X-mas Eve... unfortunately with all the traffic didn't get there until late afternoon around 4PM. Lucky for us that we got there in time because they were only open until 5PM that day. There was an open seat inside and we sat down immediately. The ladies there were very friendly and cheerful. There is also a side area/patio dining area.
We decided to get 2 orders of the Hainan Chicken. If you look around the room you will notice EVERYONE is eating that. It is a definite sign that Hainan Chicken would be the right choice. The flavor is light but tasty and only enhanced by the grated salted ginger. For those of you who know me, I HATE ginger. So for me to actually use it and like it... has the world come to an end? lol What I really like about the chicken is that it is almost completely de-boned, which is a huge plus. I like dipping the chicken in the soy sauce slightly and slather on a thin layer of the ginger to balance all the flavors. The rice itself is very tasty because it is probably cooked in the chicken broth and fat. Everything comes together wonderfully in a simplistic yet flavorful palette.
Since it was our first time here, we thought that we should at least try one thing different... next time just stick with what they are known for! We ordered the Curry Beef Stew. The flavor was decent but in comparison to the chicken... it would be an insult to compare. It's not really beef but more like Asian cuts with tendons. There was a hint of Coconut. There isn't much flavor in the Rice except the shredded Coconut and Garlic Chips. The curry flavor is not bad but not for me.
All in all I really enjoyed the Hainan Chicken. I was surprised by the taste and I am now addicted! Note that they are not open Sunday. I was shocked and saddened that they were closed. Don't worry, I went back enough times that I have some in my fridge and I ordered one that night too! lol I think the portions are better when you take it home. At first I thought it was because I got the last batch on X-mas Eve but when I got the newest order the portion was just as good. I feel that when you dine in it's just a little bit less quantity. Since they are supposed to be busy quite often, save yourself the trouble and get take out! ^_-
Savoy Kitchen

138 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 308-9535
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Frequent Traveler said...

Glad that you found a new favorite to enjoy, Kat, with the hainan chicken.

Kat said...

Haha thanks! ^_^ It's a bad addiction since I have to drive so far away. All these new finds make me sad that I live in OC! lol These people need to expand and open a place down here to share the joy of food! ^_-

Anonymous said...

Finally back to SoCal... slowly catching up with my RSS... =P

I'm glad you like Savoy. I went there time to time, cause my friend works there and she hooks me up =)

their Hainan Chicken is well known as -the-best- in Alhambra/San Gabriel/Monterey Park as far as I know.

Hope to see a lot more reviews in 2009. Have a wonderful year!

Kat said...

Welcome back Kelvin! ^_^

It's a new addiction and great grab. I just went again a few days ago and have some Hainan Chicken in the fridge. Yum Yum! They are pretty good. I went to another one near New Ave. and it was a disappointment =*(

So where did you go and for how long? I hope you had fun!

Thanks, I am trying very hard to keep up lol. All these consecutive holidays has kept me away from my computer. I promise to umm catch up lol

Unknown said...

You DO get more chicken when you do takeout instead of eating in. Plus, you save on tip as well =P

Ya, cheap Asian speak, but since i'm 10mins away, I should eat here more! LOL, yes, this last comments was to torture you Kat.

Unknown said...

Guess what? I just had Hainan Chicken Rice for dinner :D

Kat said...

Haha trying to make me jealous Danny!!! Booo! lol I know it's a better deal to get takeout and skip the tip... I am Asian so I know what you mean.

You need to come down and visit me AND bring me Hainan Chicken! haha

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