Thursday, December 25, 2008

As many of you know, I am not actually a fan of ramen... until recently ^_^ I have opened my eyes to hot steamy soup only enhanced by noodles cooked to perfection and lets not forget the yummy slices of meat on top! What do you do when you have no idea what you would like for lunch? I think Mitsuwa's food court is always a great suggestion and allows everyone to order what they want while still eating together! Ms. Lin and I both chose to order from Santouka Ramen.
I ordered the Large Miso Ramen with Chasu. Darn my greedy heart! I should have ordered a medium at most because it was just way too much food and you don't even get extra meat for ordering bigger! Shenanigans! lol I wanted more sliced Chasu so I thought ordering a bigger size would reach that goal. Alas, that was utter failure. Still the soup was piping hot and topped with your traditional Ramen accompaniments. The soup became a bit salty towards the end but still tasty. I try to proportion every ingredient into each delicious bite. Of course there is more noodles than anything else so there will have to be bites where you just consume the ramen noodles that have soaked in all the flavor. Mmmm Mmmm good!
Of course I was greedy and ordered the extra Chasu Rice. It looked so beautiful and shiny in the case ^_^ Inside is chopped Chasu and Green Onions with a light sauce atop White Rice. This had plenty of meat. They were well marbleized and tasty. A great side dish or even a dish in itself. I would recommend that you ask for more sauce or sprinkle some soy sauce on for more flavor.
Ms. Lin ordered the Small Spicy Miso Ramen with Chasu. Her ramen was the perfect size and just as tasty. I felt her soup was not as salty and had a slight hint of spice. The soup went great with the noodles and I was sad to see that we had the same amount of meat despite mine is bigger. Still we were both happy campers in drinking our piping hot soup with ramen noodles.
Ikura and White Rice looked so pretty and tempting in the case that Ms. Lin succumbed to its teasing and ordered a bowl. The presentation and color was great. I think the picture I took makes it look better than it is. Yes, it came out like the display but boy it was bland. I guess it's a good thing that there is no fishy flavor but I would like a little more Ooomph from the Ikura. It was fresh but it just tasted like gelatinous water. Still, it looked very pretty. Ms. Lin wished she ordered the Chasu Rice I got. ^_^ Don't worry I gave her my Braised Egg to help ease the pain. lol
All in all I really enjoyed the broth and side dishes. Everything was flavorful and tasty. It's great for the cold weather and doesn't drain your wallet at the same time. I need to come back soon to get my fill! Mmm Mmm goodness. ^_^

Santouka Ramen

665 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-1101
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Anonymous said...

Finally, a restaurant you like. Santouka probably has the best ramen in SoCal, though I've only had it at the West LA location.

Here's my take on their Toriniku (Special Pork) Salt Ramen, which was pretty special:–-los-angeles-ca-–-tuesday-may-13-2008/

Next time you're there, it's worth ordering.

Unknown said...

Best in SoCal? that's debatable. I can't believe you went to eat ramen without me! J/k. I guess I haven't really been very available lately...sorree. I'm glad you liked the ramen though. I agree with food gps, the toroniku is worth it. Hopefully next time I'll be able to join ya!

Kat said...

FoodGPS... haha I do like restaurants O=) I am always in a search for great food. Just that recently hasn't been the greatest but there will be some more positive posts I swear lol

I am actually a newly turned ramen fan so I wouldn't know but I do like the ramen here ^_^ Momofuku in NY is what made me change my mind. If you are ever out in NY you should check them out.

Thanks for the tip! I will hav eto try the Toriniku Salt Ramen next time. They are definitely worthy of more visits! ^_^

Kat said...

Haha Keizo ... I blame you for me cheating on you! lol Not that I am cheating since you have yet to show me the world of ramen =*( lol

No worries, I know you have been busy. It's because of the holidays... family... and more... I know I haven't asked in a while but just want to make sure that you are still doing well b/c I know you were in that horrible incident on your bday =*( I hope there is no backlash symptoms.

Yes, you should join me! I haven't gone back in a while... need more motivation to drive lol what better reason than to finally meet up ^_^

Hope you have a great weekend!

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