Friday, December 19, 2008

I will be the first to admit that I lead a somewhat sheltered life and have never eaten or really seen a taco truck! Shocking! I know... so I had to rectify this by following the group to The Brig on Abbot Kinney. For precise times look up their schedule on their website because... it's a taco truck... hence... vroom vroom... moving! lol I hear it's mostly at UCLA in the day time. We were able to talk to the people behind the idea and it was a very interesting conversation. Three friends who all have day time jobs at nice hotels came together with this idea that has been growing in popularity. They have already been asked to franchise, but currently don't want to rapidly expand and let their baby grow up without their special care & guidance.
The people seemed very nice and there is a bowl of Kimchi placed right where you order for you to grab and eat or put in your taco. There usually are cans of cold soda for $2 shoved inside the ice near the Kimchi for purchase. It is a brilliant idea to be near a bar late at night because there are a lot of people drunk and looking for munchies... or hungry after partying and want a late night snack. Either way, it's a smart move ^_^
We had a full meal and Scoops before we came, so of course I was very full. I could only save room for 2 tacos, the Spicy Pork and the Short Ribs. They are $2 each. The winner of the night for me is the Spicy Pork, which had a tangy sweetness mixed with the spice. It provided a much stronger pow wow than the other tacos. They use a sweet citrus vinaigrette atop the shredded lettuce laid in the taco that brought out the natural flavor of the Spicy Pork. Don't forget to squeeze the lime to give it that extra kick!
To be fair... they are not very consistent because the 2nd Spicy Pork Taco I had was nowhere near as good... and that was only a 10 minute difference in time of order... Yes, I said I could only fit 2 tacos but I liked the pork enough for a 3rd... but I just got greedy and was disappointed. The Short Ribs Taco was very chewy and not very flavorful. I think mine had a tendon and hurt my tooth a little.
I called Burumun to come join and so she did. She tried the Salad and Chicken Taco. The salad had a very strong citrus flavor that was almost overpowering, which I did not like. As for the Chicken Taco was much spicier than the Spicy Pork and not as flavorful. The taste was very one-dimensional. I say stick with the Spicy Pork Tacos, but beware of inconsistency. Still, it's a cool and fun idea! Now I can proudly say that I have eaten from a Taco Truck and to top it off... it is a Korean BBQ Taco Truck ^_-


Anonymous said...

gracias, gracias for giving our truck a try!

as for the inconsistency - apologies! we're still tinkering around - especially with the chicken. Sometimes we go spicy sometimes we don't. For now, the chicken's sort of the wild card since we're still playing around with the marinade.

Also, sometimes the rush is so overwhelming that we only have time for a quick marinade of the meat for the second batch. It looks like your second round might have been with the second batch.

When we run out of meat, we send our cousin Young Ho to go back to headquarters to pick up the meat that's only had time to marinate for a few short hours -- only a few short hours because the meat's actually been reserved for the next day.

p.s. we'll pass it along to him that you think he's kinda cute. ^__^

Kat said...

Haha thanks for coming to my site. Sorry if I am a little blunt. O=9 Still I had a lot of fun as my first Taco Truck run and if I was still attending UCLA... I'd probably be your best customer! ^_-

My friends and I often talk about how great it would have been if you were there while we were in college so that we can have tacos and chat with the nice ppl working there. Hmmm and the cute guy ^_- lol

Oh no don't tell him though! Ahhhh!!! $_$ lol I didn't know you'd be reading that when I wrote it lol He does have a nice smile trying to draw people in! Smart move! O=)

Kat said...

Even though I got the second batch, it was good but not the POW as the first one. I do like the citrus twist. I'd be glad to come try the newly tinkered spicy chicken! It's great that you guys are always trying to improve. Keep up the good work on feeding the hungry and on a budget! lol

Ms. Lin said...

This place looks really good. Let's go the next time I'm back.

Kat said...

Oh definitely! We can go all around LA first and then find them late at night! Got to get me some Scoops before hand! ^_-

Anonymous said...

Definitely looks like something to experience at least once

Anonymous said...

do you know more about the 3 friends? like do you know more about their ideas?

Kat said...

Looking4GoodFood thanks for visiting! ^_^ It is definitely something people need to try. My first taco truck run! =)

Sorry, I don't know anything too detailed. I only heard where they work and how they all collaborate together for new recipes all the time. They are always on twitter if you want to ask them ^_^

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