Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks to DC and PK for recommending coming to Half & Half Tea House late at night, I think I have found another place to frequent! Actually I should BLAME them for making me addicted and causing me to empty my wallets on empty calories! lol Still I can't resist this daily Asian staple. I have been keeping the addiction at bay but thanks to them it is now running wild! Thank goodness I don't live close enough to come here every day.
Normally I hate Tapioca/Boba/Pearls but since DC and PK raved about it I had to give it a try. We all ordered the Ice Milk with Honey Boba & Pudding. I actually really like pudding and find it entertaining to have it in my drink. The boba was sweet and flavorful. It was the perfect chewy texture. They were squishy but resilient, cooked well, and tasty. The pudding was only so-so in my opinion but that could be that the boba stole the show! As for the drink, it was just milk so there isn't much to say. I like sweeter drinks but I do think having it in milk allows the flavor of the boba to pop since there are no elements fighting for attention.
I know this sounds weird, but I have never had "Nai Su" anywhere. The Milk Toast here was delicious! A nice thick slice that's buttered and flavored well. I blame PK for making me want to order this now whenever I see it. My wallet will get smaller as my waste will become bigger. Look what you did PK! All in all this place was much better than I expected it to be. I think it's a great place to hang out and chat. The people there were friendly and they have a frequent stamp card. Be sure to check this out if you are ever in San Gabriel! ^_-

Half & Half Tea House
120 N San Gabriel Blvd
Unit H
San Gabriel, CA 91778
(626) 309-9387


Kathy L said...

Everyone raves about this place, and it's so closeby. Must try it some time this week. At first, I thought it was weird that people were getting so excited about a boba tea place.

Matt said...

hey! thanks for the comment.

anyway - i've never on the west coast... the prices there are higher than around nyc?

Kat said...

Wow Matt you are either up late or early? lol It's 6:20AM over there?

Yah prices are a lot higher here I think, but there are a lot of places where you can get stuff cheaper since there is so much competition! ^_^

Kat said...

Hey Kathy.. you should go! I like the honey boba, if you can't tell O=9

Also I love that the drink speaks to me... it hearts me like I do to it lol I might be coming here Weds or Thurs.. you should come too! ^_-

Matt said...

i'm up early and i was up late. i guess i kinda just took a nap. anyway, my eyes are really sleepy and i'm getting ready for work now. since you're in la, i'm guessing that you are up really late...or freakishly early

Kat said...

Wow ... I like the way you do things! Napping at night! lol Best of luck being energetic at work!

Haha Freakishly early? I am just nocturnal ^_^ I am always up until 6-7am and "nap" then up around 10am but I am trying to not do that.. it's bad for your health. You should sleep more too, but I am not one to lecture O=)

Matt said...


Matt said...

your website is very... purple. the food looks okay too ^^

Kat said...

Haha thanks.. Yes it is very Purple.. now that you mention it O=) I guess I just like the way it stood out from the black lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Kat!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!
9 lives! I thought cats had only 7!
Ell a cat with a K might have more!
Good to hear about a new friend from another island!
Must be plenty of Dragons there, too!
And great food!

Kat said...

Konbanwa *sorry if I mispell it* ^_^

I always thought that cats were suppose to have 9 lives. But I like the way you justified it, b/c I spell it with K that I live longer. Well I hope! ^_^

Great to hear from someone in Japan! It sounds wonderful there and to tell you the truth it's a dream of mine to travel there! O=9

Anonymous said...

Dear Kat!
Greetings again and thank you so much for your comments on my blog!
Yes, you do have 2 more lives than normal cats! (If I make a mistake, consider it a French cat with a lot of garlic and onion! LOL)
Yes, Japan and especially Shizuoka (I don't like the big cities!) are great places: high safety, great food and drinks. What can you ask more?

Kat said...

Dear Robert-Gilles,

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! It's great to hear from you and you are so sweet ^_^

It sounds wonderful where you live. I wish I can go out there sometime soon. One day I will go all over Japan to check out the beautiful scenery, the great food, the great culture, and more.

Have a great day! ^_^

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