Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today's photo has a special appearance of PK ^_^ at Givral Bakery. She's too cute to put on the site so I chose a backside photo. PK recommended this place along one of our food runs. We ended up parking really far away so we had to walk a bit to reach our destination. Since it had her stamp of approval, I had to give it a try and the cakes looked really pretty and inviting. Beware that they don't speak much English. Point and order, it's almost pointless to ask questions.
I picked up the Pate Chaud because they looked tempting and I haven't really had one in a Vietnamese bakery. There wasn't much flavor in the meat. The crust was flaky but bland as well. It's only 75 cents so you can't expect that much, but I wouldn't get them here again.
The cakes came highly recommended so I picked up two mini cakes, Mango and Mocha. Maybe I had too high of an expectation, but they were mehhhh.... The cake was fine but the frosting... OMG! It is just lard and no flavor. I didn't finish the cakes and put it in the fridge... the next day it was as hard as a rock... You could peel off the frosting and feel the immense grease on your hands... I am sorry but that was just gross and vile. Imagine that inside your heart clogging it up AND not even tasting good to top it off! Luckily I peeled it off and just ate the cake, but gave up on that too.
My sister was awestruck by the pretty cakes while we were there. Since we always delay celebrate her B-day I bought her any cake of her choice. She chose outer beauty versus what is inside! lol She wanted the pretty purple cake but didn't want what was inside... tsk tsk Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty! lol The cake was a Mixed Berry with tons of Blueberry. I didn't like the filling. For some odd reason it just didn't work for me and made me nauseous. Everyone else thought it was alright but I just gave up my piece to someone else. The cake was moist and light. They do make pretty cakes, if only the inside reflected their outer beauty.

All in all the cakes are pretty but I don't know about the taste. I still think the cake I had for my B-day was better. It could have been a fluke that day where they actually made a delectable cake, but none have come close lately ^_^ Still it was nice to try the place out and hang out with PK... and of course Ms. Lin. I am always up for a food adventure!

Givral Bakery

9525 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 839-9711
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Anonymous said...

i think you're right. the inside of the cake is always more important. :)

Kat said...

haha thanks ^_^

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