Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Céfiore : Not Too Bad

Before the Elite event in LA, CL and I went to Little Tokyo for lunch and dessert. I have heard about Céfiore from some friends online and have been meaning to try it. They are supposed to be the Italian Frozen Yogurt. After all the craze of Froyo these days, it's hard for me to jump on board to any of the chains popping up everywhere. We were walking around looking for a sushi place for lunch and happened to come across Céfiore. Of course I had to pop in on the way back to the car and CL was generous enough to treat me. The decor was your everyday froyo place with a wide variety of toppings. I liked that they let me take photos or at least didn't bother to stop me. O=9
They had Black Cherry, Acai Berry, and Plain Yogurt flavors. You can choose to combine flavors and ask for samples. Since I have never been here before, I had to taste test before I would order a froyo for myself. In a hurry, I chose to have mostly plain without trying it and a dab of black cherry. After taking a few more bites I realized that the black cherry was much more unique and tasty than the original plain flavor. So how does it compare to Pinkberry you ask? I think they are very different because Pinkberry is very tart and Céfiore is very creamy with a velvety texture. I enjoy Pinkberry's original flavor but I wouldn't recommend Céfiore's original. Both are good in their own way. If you do not like the tart taste the I would recommend you to try or go to Céfiore.


134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-0806
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Anonymous said...

that place doesn't look that bad. any of them on the east coast?

Kat said...

Oh I don't think they have one near you. The closes is Florida or Kentucky. Here is the link for location. http://www.cefiore.com/location.php

I know they have a ton of Pinkberry in NY... I have to say that it's much more tart in NY than here.

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