Saturday, November 1, 2008

I read online that 5 Star Truffles is a rip-off of XOX Truffles, so I had to come to the original store and support them. It's been a while since I had some nice chocolates so I was on a mission! They are somewhat close by to Molinari Delicatessen so we came by after we grabbed our sandwich. Now we had TWO reasons to come out. We are very motivated by food and trying new things. Of course I do it for my readers! ^_- Always on a mission!

It had been really hot up in SF those days and the place was not air-conditioned. I was dying of heat, but luckily the chocolates are inside a cool case. At first I thought their chocolates came in ballotins because they look so cute! I was going to buy a lot chocolates just so I can get the cute packaging. It seems that you can't get them when you choose the chocolates? I was a little sad, but I don't think the price difference for the ballotins was worth it. I just chose my chocolates. They are normally stacked into those Asian take out containers. Kind of dingy, but it's really about the chocolate and not the packaging.
On the day I went there were 30 different types of chocolates to choose from. Of course I had to get all 30 and more. It would take me forever to stand there and choose all the flavors and I'd probably regret not trying everything thereafter. They have Vegan chocolates to choose from as well. Their flavors range from Liquor, Fruits, Nuts, and more. The chocolate truffles were all pre-packed and she just grabbed one out. The lady who was working there was Italian and had a heavy accent. She was very friendly and we got to chat about Europe & Italy, which was very nice.
Even though it was hot that day, I had to try either a coffee or hot chocolate. I debated for a long time because I was already feeling really hot inside. Luckily I decided to try their Hot Chocolate. They make the drink with their own chocolate recipe. She first poured their chocolate syrup, then the steamed milk, and then stirred it all up with a whisk. The process seems a little archaic but the end product was great! I really enjoyed the hot chocolate. It had just the right sweetness and chocolaty flavor. No one can beat Angélina's African Hot Chocolate from Paris, but the one served here was pretty delectable. I would highly recommend this drink! It's even great on a hot day!
All in all this place was very quaint and cute. There are a lot of cute signs displayed showing their rankings. I really liked the hot chocolate but as for the chocolate... it's not bad but it's not to die for. For the price they are not bad and a great pick me up when you need it. You also get a free truffle with every drink, which is a nice gift with purchase. I haven't had all the chocolates in the box and I can't really remember what it tastes like. They weren't bad but they weren't mind blowing. The chocolate has a nice texture and consistency. It's definitely worth a try and trip. Don't forget that hot chocolate! ^_^


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