Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Okay, this is one scary location! It's where you pick up illegal immigrants for labor, which I think is wrong in itself. They hover over the corners here and try to approach your car or flag you down. I was so scared when I drove in around here because I was not here for any other purpose than to eat! It's wrong for them to work illegally and wrong for them to be taken advantage for their labor. I was almost about to leave this tiny plaza looking for Toranj Persian Grill. My Mom and I both debated about staying or not. After some debate, we decided to stay and order take out. It's a tiny place that is not air conditioned or at least the AC was not on when we were there. There's only a few tables inside and a few seats placed outside.
We had a coupon for a Kebab Sandwich and drink for $3.99 but it was not what you think. I thought it would be a kebab and not the Koobideh. Still the lady was very nice in letting me use the coupon for two sandwiches. It's Koobideh, Tomatoes, Onions, Chard, and Seasonings wrapped in Flat Bread. There was a little awkwardness in the taste. The overall flavor was still good. There wasn't that much filling compared to how much bread it was wrapped in. I was a little bummed because the coupon was really nothing since their Koobideh Sandwich is only $3.99 so basically you only get the soda for free.
While we were waiting, I got greedy because I saw the pictures of their food displayed and decided to get the Soltani. We had another coupon that is suppose to get you 20% off your second dish, so I decided to get 2 Soltanis only because it had a Chicken and a Beef Koobideh along with a Barg. When I ordered she told me that the picture was to show your choices, so then I hesitated because their Soltani is a little pricey. In the end she was very sweet and offered to give it for free so that I can try all their foods. I thought the Chicken Koobideh was flavorful and moist. The Beef Koobideh wasn't as tasty and was a little dry. I thought the Barg tasted a little odd at first but the more I ate it the more I liked it. The meat was tender and went well with the rice. Luckily I had limes at home to add some pizazz.As for the rice, I sliced up the White Onion given and then grabbed some Yellow Onions at home and diced it up too! Then I chopped up the grilled Tomatoes and mixed the whole thing up with the rice. There was also something different in the box this time. It came with a piece of Toasted Rice? It's hard to explain what it is in English. This was the crispy rice bottom meshed together. All in all the food was not bad but it is not anything memorable. There are a lot of other places that taste better around here and even at better prices. The lady was nice but given everything, I don't think I'd be back any time soon.

Toranj Persian Grill

25262 Jeronimo Rd
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 586-7265


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