Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First off, I have seen the name be used as Sweet Spot Baker's Workshop instead of what their signs say. One of two things must be happening here... either people can't read! or the people who own this place are labeling their names differently somewhere! Either way... it needs to be resolved. This new cupcake place just opened up at the Irvine Spectrum not too long ago and I happened to pass by it late at night. I will give them credit for being open late on a Tuesday night, but this place is just another copycat cupcake store that will come and go.
The concept is really cool because it's like a Build-a-Bear workshop but with cupcakes! I also adore that they are charitable but why can't they make a good cupcake! As a rule of thumb, I would support most charities especially if it lessens my guilt of gorging out on calories. Sadly, the cake was dry and flavorless. The icing was weird tasting and the presentation without any decoration was just horrible. They just opened up but the cupcakes felt and tasted like they had been there for weeks and ready to be tossed.
So onto the great concept! I got to end on a higher note! I apologize for the harsh criticism but people need to know the truth so that they are not sucked into the hype of cupcakes like they were with yogurt! What makes this place great is the idea that you can take a cupcake and make it into a work of art... yourself! They had great cards with pictures on the table to show you some of the wonderful ideas that just made my friend and I smile. What really warmed my heart was that they offer that if you buy a dozen cupcakes they will donate a dozen cupcakes to kids in need so that they can also enjoy in the activities. If only their cupcakes tasted average, I would say people should definitely frequent this place for parties to support charity but... I am sorry, save yourself the trip and just donate directly this holiday.
SweetSpot Baker's Workshop

83 Fortune Dr
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 754-9004


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