Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ms. Lin told me that while I was up in SF and she was home that the family went to some crappy Chinese restaurant. She told me that I shouldn't be mad that they went out without me because I didn't miss out on much and the food was bad. Little did I know what place they went to! My Mom suggested that we try some place "NEW" so I agreed. She took me to Seafood Noodle House on Culver. I was like, fine... I am always willing to try some place new. Later I called Ms. Lin to complain about where we went and I find out this was where they went last time! I was outraged! Lies! Tricks! False! lol
The lunch menu looked decent. It's nothing different from your regular Chinese lunch menu. They start off by giving you their Daily Soup. It consisted of Tofu, Ground Meat, Green Onions, Mushroom, and more. I didn't really think the soup was all that great and passed it onto my Mom. To start off we decided to order 2 lunches. I got the Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet. The portion was actually extremely generous but as soon as I saw the dish I knew that I would not like the batter. I am not a big fan of thick liquid flour coating that when you use too much it is just mushy. Luckily they didn't put on a thick coating and it was crispy but lacked any flavor. The seasonings on top were good but they needed to load the dish full of it to make it tastier. It was mostly chopped Green Onion with a little Jalapeño and Garlic.
For our second dish we got French Style Beef, which is Peppered Beef. At first I was wondering what type of meat they will be serving since it just says beef and not steak. To be fair they did give chunks of meat but what a tiny portion! The fish was plentiful and the beef was barely there! My Mom liked the Pepper Sauce that was super thick. I thought the flavor was decent but the sauce was too gloppy for my liking.
All in all this place was a huge disappointment! Both lunch dishes were $7.95 and lunch cost us $19 or so, which for Chinese food at lunch time is quite RIDICULOUS! For that price I could have gone to Chef Chen and gotten 3 dishes that tasted better! They seem to be known for noodles and I tried to order some but my Mom stopped me. I don't think it could have been much better based on what I ate and I don't think I would come back to give them a second chance. The servers weren't too friendly either. No thanks.

Seafood Noodle House

14370 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604
(914) 654-8388
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Anonymous said...

sorry that you got 'tricked' by mom :-p

even when I was living in Irvine... by default SamWoo is the place to go, even though this place is right next to my home...

Kat said...

Yah I normally go to Sam Woo.. but I had to listen to Mom.. and I was hoping that maybe there would be a better place in the area. Then when I turned into the plaza I was like no not here! Still, what can I do but succumb to the evil... I mean my Mom O=9

Smart to stick with Sam Woo! Although I have been eating there for all my life... I just want something new and tasty! I know it's too much to ask for but you can't blame a girl for trying! ^_-

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