Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay I can't say ENOUGH about how much I love their Taiwanese Fried Chicken snack. It's tasty and fun to eat. Who doesn't love going to Q-Cup to grab some chicken and shake it up!? Of course it is always followed with some sneezes from the lovely seasonings floating in the air. lol I think I went to Q-cup 3 times on this short trip or more. Why oh why can't they open one up down here for me!?! I promise to give them business almost every other day and not small business ^_- The chicken is always so flavorful even without the extra seasoning and breaded just right. **drool drool**
So I guess they now offer Chicken Wings for about the same price. Sadly these were not really worth it. They don't have much flavor and it doesn't work as well with the seasonings like the Q-Pop Chicken! ^_^ It was crispy but flat in taste. I say stick with what you like. It's all about the Q-Pop Chicken. I swear to you that I will never let my heart stray! I welcome you back with open arms.
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Taiwanese fried popcorn chicken, too! We call them "salt crispy chicken" in Taiwan. I just got the recipe from my friend. Haven't tried it yet. If it's good after I try it, I'll share the recipe with you, too. ^^

Kat said...

I almost forgot to translate it directly. Yah we call it "Yen hsu chi" too ^_^ Ooh I would love to know the recipe! My family has requested me to make it again this year. I make it so few times a year that I always just guestimate the taste O=)

Glad to see you are alive and well! I hope you get to go out to do some Open Table Dining Stimulus! ^)^

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