Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After finding out about Famima!! and how it is suppose to resemble the 7-11's in Taiwan, I have been dying to go to one! Ms. Lin raves about them in Taiwan and how they are like right across the street from each other. So when PK and I happened to see one on the way we couldn't resist but to turn in so that we can check it out! We were already going everywhere in Garden Grove/Westminster area that this small detour just seemed right! lol The store just pops out when you drive by with the vibrant colors and huge letters!
I found it quite funny that they offer 2 Gallons of Milk for $7.99 as a limited deal! lol That is so expensive compared to the supermarkets around, but what do you expect if you do shopping in a store similar to 7-11! lol We were able to find the Grapefruit Izze that PK has been talking about and wanting. I had to buy one to try it out with her too! ^_^
The store just jumps out in color and flava! They have a huge assortment of foods readily prepared for any hungry traveler or hungry late night person. It's a convenient place to stop by for any odds and ends. The person behind the counter was very nice. I was attracted by the offer of a free shirt, but there was a catch. You have to get a stamp card filled to get it and she stamped a bunch of stamps to help since the offer will expire really soon. Sadly, I never really filled up the card! lol
They also offer hot foods in a case by the counter. Everything looked nice and tempting. While I was looking, PK mentioned that she heard the wings were really good. She said that her friend really liked the Sesame Chicken Wings, so I had to give them a try. Even though I might be full from lunch that surely didn't stop my urge to try new things! I did it for the sake of my readers! ^_^ Of course it was also the last one in the case, so I had to get it! The taste was light and the texture of the skin was not crispy but more of a broiled nature. All in all... mehh lol but I only paid $3 so why not! I will probably come back and keep trying stuff just so I can feel like I have been to a 7-11 in Taiwan! lol

9475 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-5241


Anonymous said...

I've heard about this on KISS-FM during my morning commute hour almost everyday... I've yet to find one that's along the path of my commute from Walnut to Irvine.

hmmm look fairly interesting :-)

Kat said...

Don't worry they are popping up everywhere nowadays. If you eat in Alhambra or San Gabriel, there are a few over there. Check their website to find one near you! ^_-

It's just fun to check out lol

Candice said...

Do they have one in Alhambra yet??? I didn't see it on the site, but I love that store and would love to see one open closer to my house.

Kat said...

I believe there is one near Alhambra b/c the first time I found one was near Claro's in SGV. I hope you find it Candice! ^_^ It's fun to check them out and I bet the one in SGV probably has better items!

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