Saturday, November 22, 2008

We drove all the way down to San Jose so that we could get some Columbian food at Tu Rinconcito Colombiano, only to find that this place was closed!!! We braved through traffic just for food, but we were sorely disappointed. So then came the dilemma of finding somewhere else to go. We debated and debated, so while we were arguing I saw Dippin' Dots and headed on over. They sell ice cream that is flash frozen into tiny little balls. This is the first time I have seen a store versus a kiosk in the mall. This place smelled like bleach and cleaning fluid when I entered. They had a nice selection of flavors and the girl working there was more than willing to let people sample.
Even though it was freezing outside, I wanted to get something here so I looked around at what the best deal was. At first I was going to get a cup of Dippin' Dots, but Ms. Lin suggested that it would be better to order a shake. It's a much better value to get a shake because they have to use a ton of the Dippin' Dots to fill an order of shake. You can mix a bunch of flavors and they will blend it in a cup with milk. The taste was only okay. I think it is more fun if you actually eat the mini-frozen ice creams versus a shake.


Anonymous said...

Hi, its COLOMBIAN food, not columbian. 😊

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