Monday, November 10, 2008

As we were walking back from dinner I passed by a picture of Egg Cakes! So I had to drop in on Cynthia's Crepes to try them out. Ms. Lin warned me about how they keep tasting bad and I never learn. I got to go through the bad to find the good so I won't stop! ^_^ Besides, if I don't like it I can always have her eat it. O=) This place had a sign saying Grand Opening. Ms. Lin and I laughed about how that means they opened 5 years ago or more. lol
We waited as they made them fresh. It took a while but I actually think they were worth the wait. They were much better than what I expected them to be. It's not the best I have ever had, but not bad. The flavor was only so-so but the texture was great! They were extremely crispy on the outside but moist and mushi on the inside. The texture only enhanced the flavor and experience. Next time I am up there and on Clement street I would definitely give them another go. If you love egg cake like me, then why not? It's only $3.50 to give it a try ^_^


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