Sunday, November 16, 2008

What better place to go to than here! Cream Pan is just too addictive. I need to stay away or else I will sign the deed of our house over to them. They make the most incredible Strawberry Croissants! I have posted about them before and I keep coming back here all the time. On my most recent trip I took TP there and she is in love! Mwahah I have converted yet another one to this sinful addiction!
It is ALL about the cream inside. The flaky goodness of the croissant that is only enhanced by the creamy custard inside. With just the right sweetness in flavor, the custard is heavenly! You don't even need the strawberries on top. They are really just the extra cherry on top. Be sure to eat it fast or at least have one there while it's fresh and flaky! Don't worry it will be devoured in minutes. Heck... seconds! ^_-
I also enjoy their Tuna Sandwiches. Their tuna is always flavorful and light. The Tomato and slice of Lettuce only makes the meal feel fresher with the sweet moist bread that encompasses the entire thing. I always like to have something salty with the sweet. There was only 1 Yakisoba Bread left, so I told TP to get it. She thought it looked delicious and ordered it. Unfortunately she ate the Strawberry Croissant first and then the bread. Everything pales in comparison after you have had a touch of heaven! For me, I have tried the Yakisoba bread before and it's an interesting concept but I think I prefer hot Yakisoba made fresh.
Don't worry I will be back real soon for that GODLY Strawberry Croissant! ^_^

Cream Pan

602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 665-8239

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