Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am switching it up between the cities, but don't worry I am nowhere NEAR done for the Bay Area so keep tuning in! When I came back from SF I flew into LAX and met up with Burumun for lunch. We were going to try this sushi place on Westwood but they were not open yet! LAME! The website said they'd be open at 11:30AM apparently they weren't open until 12:00PM. We were only early 10-15 minutes and were kicked out. Maybe I will try it out in the future but they are starting out with minus one point so they better make it up to me! lol So as for Bella Pita in LA, can we say rude and dilapidated! We were looking for a quick bite and this place was close by so we debated for a while on whether to go in or not. I wished we didn't in retrospect now!
So it's a pretty run down place. If you look in the photos you see no sign atop the roof. It's a pretty small space and a small menu to choose from. So of course I do my normal routine of snapping photos for my readers and the guy was like no pictures half way through. They have a sign outside that says they are loved by Yelp and I was shocked at such rudeness. This place is nothing special or all that great for photos. The guy was like no photos here! So I stepped outside to take photos of the food! Burumun and I were both really annoyed and just took the photos outside. He can kiss our @$$! They also have NAZI signs on the condiments bar. What an uninviting place!
I don't know what people are talking about it being cheap for LA. The Lamb Pita was $6.50 and the Steak Pita was $5.75, which is normal at most. For the size it's not that great. To be fair, they do put a good amount of meat in there. You basically get the meat in the pita and add everything yourself, but only ONE visit. The lamb was a little dry and tough for my taste. I actually really enjoyed the steak. It was much more flavorful and juicy. The pita was nothing special or out of the ordinary. DON'T BE MESMERIZED BY THE PRETTY PHOTO! As I have warned people many times that I make it prettier than it seems! Read the review first. I am appalled by their attitude and I would not recommend this place. The steak pita was good but not good enough for me to go back. Besides, it's not that great of a deal. In that area it seems that I can get tons of Middle Eastern food for the same price and probably more food! Also a better dining area instead of this little hovel.
Bella Pita
960 Gayley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 209-1050
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