Sunday, November 2, 2008

Due to the last minute plan to go to French Laundry I was stuck up in SF by myself for 4 days without a car! So what is a girl to do? I turn to the internet and research all the great places that will deliver of course! ^_- After reading all the rave reviews for AK Subs, I had to try it out for myself. Keep in mind that I am not a big sandwich fan, but I am always willing to give it a try so that I can find that golden chalice! I called to put in my order and paid with a credit card. I felt it was a little sketchy because they asked me for so much info for it, but so far no sketchy activity on my card. They were pretty quick in their delivery.
I ordered the Tony's Hot Pastrami Sandwich on the Three-Seed Roll. It's New York Style Pastrami sliced thing with melted Swiss Cheese. Ever since Pink's, I am now a fan of pastrami so I thought what better place to try it. They really loaded the sandwich with meat but I felt that it wasn't as good as Pink's. The flavor is lighter but the meat had a great crisp texture. More melted cheese would have made it even better since the added saltiness would kick it up a notch. My favorite part of the sandwich was the roll. It's toasted to perfection with a nice crispy outer layer and tasty flavor.
They are actually very poignant about their delivery. I got Freddy's Fish & Chips and it was still pretty crispy. It's tender Beer Battered Cod served with French Fries. You can really taste the beer flavor in the batter. The fish was very moist and tender with a light beery batter. I wished there was more tartar sauce to help mellow out the beer flavor, but I know a lot of people might prefer the beer taste over the sauce. Be sure to ask for ketchup for the fries because they didn't give me any. The fries were nice and fat with just the right crispness. ^_^ I ordered their daily soup of Scallop Chowder that tasted just like any regular chowder but with scallops inside.
All in all the food was not bad and the prices were reasonable. I think they are a good place for a quick grab or if you want them to deliver you some loaded subs. They are actually pretty speedy in delivery. They have many different options of sandwiches and you can even build your own. Next time I am up there and awake for lunch, I'd give them a call. ^_-
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Linda said...

that post gets me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Wow, definitely some delicious eats!

Kat said...

Hahah thanks Linda and Sharon!
I live to eat and love to share! ^_^ Glad to hear from you! Hope you had an awesome weekend and a wonderful upcoming week!

Soon I am going to try The Hat for their famous pastrami too! ^_^

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