Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Surprise!

What a great surprise from Ms. Lin! I knew she'd be going to NY for a small trip and I was complaining that it's about time SHE went to the Donut King and got me some of their wonderful donuts! So of course she stopped by the Doughnut Plant near/in China Town and picked some up. Luckily I decided to come up here and let her know about it early on so that she could pick some up for me. Surprisingly she remembered that I loved the Pumpkin donut, which is only seasonal. Go her! ^_^Of course she had to get me the almighty Tres Leches that he is so well-known for. I have had a bunch of their regular donuts and none of them were that impressive or memorable to me. The two things I go there for are the Pumpkin and Tres Leches, ALWAYS! ^_^ When I am there next time I will be sure to take some wonderful photos to post up. The ones that I am going to post up are not as pretty but still taste great even after a few days! Yummy! I think my favorite is the Pumpkin with it's sweet spices and soft glaze. The Tres Leches is always solid with a moist creamy soaked dough in the center and a light glaze outside. **drool drool** I can't talk about how wonderful the donuts are at this place anymore without crying about not living in NY! Tofu hurry and get a job in NY so I can visit and stay with you! ^_-


Anonymous said...

I know these donuts are super-delish but seriously, the photos do not do them justice. I guess I'll just have to pick some up next time I'm in NYC!

Kat said...

Yah the photos don't do it justice since I got them the latest and they were squished, but the flavor is still wonderful! If you like Pumpkin flavored stuff like me then you will LOVE the Pumpkin donuts. **drooling**

Altough I am soooo desserted out. I will post about Kara's soon too. ^_^

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