Thursday, October 2, 2008

I picked up Ms. Lin from the airport, had lunch, and went back to the Residence Inn by Marriott on Pico and S Beverly Drive. It's really just a place to sleep and too bad. There was a fully loaded kitchen and an empty fridge for us to use. Unfortunately Ms. Lin and I were just really there for sleeping at night and if that! =9 We arrived and valeted our car. It's quite expensive to park for the night, $22. At first I was really skeptical about staying in a hotel that's far off in nowhere land. It actually has a bunch of stores around and it's not too far from great stores.
They surprisingly had 2 full bathrooms, one inside the bedroom and one outside. I found that odd, but I guess it's for the person who might be sleeping on the couch. There was two flat panel TVs to watch. We really didn't spend that much time there but it seemed like a decent room. At check out they told Ms. Lin that they gave us a bigger suite and asked how she liked it. I think it's because she is an Elite member. Guess it paid off somewhat! You don't get a free bottle of water but they will give you a bigger room. You know what... I'll take it! ^_-


Anonymous said...

Room/suite looks nice - love places that give you a kitchen. Why were you guys staying in LA? Shouldn't you be posting about that event too?

Anonymous said...

ok, never mind. I didn't realize this was a back post. Guess you guys stayed in LA to go see Jay?

Anonymous said...

Well Ms. Lin came down for the Esquire event for work. So we stayed there because it went late into the night on Thursday. We left Friday morning and went to see Jay in Burbank. Killing many birds with one stone! ^_-

Yah it was great that it had a kitchen, but too bad we were only there for one night so we didn't use it at all. We just kept eating and eating and EATING out! ^_-

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