Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First let me start off by introducing the almighty Porto's Bakery! I have always been going to the one in Glendale, but since we were in Burbank... we had to come and try it out! I have been raving about it to Ms. Lin for the longest time but we never get a chance to make our way down there. Finally I was able to show her the joys of Porto's Bakery! It's a great deal for what you get. I prefer this over most high-end bakeries that are all show. I like my food simple and simply delicious! ^_- Of course making it pretty attracts the eye, but taste matters most of all!
I started cracking up as I walked in and saw the Porto's Presidential Cookie Poll! As of September 26th it was McCain 170 and Obama 219. I am actually quite surprised that it's so close especially for California. I know I am going to get a lot of jeers and boos from you people but I was going to buy a cookie for McCain just to help bridge the gap. It's not because I am voting for him, but I am the type of person to cheer for the person or team that other people don't want or like. O=) I am a Bruin but I will cheer for a Trojan just to annoy my friends who are obsessed with school loyalty. I love yanking their chains! ^_^ Sadly, Ms. Lin forced my hand and stopped me from buying a cookie! I say give me cookie or give me death! lol It's all good though because I was just playing and it's fun to annoy Ms. Lin a little... hey that is what sisters are for! ^_~
Porto's always had pretty and reasonably priced cakes. I was very tempted to get one and Ms. Lin wanted the Alright now for the goods! The goodies of course. I tried to take as many photos of the baked good display but there were a lot of people around so it was hard to snap the photos without some behinds getting in the way. Ms. Lin promised me a cake and I couldn't decide where to get one and she set a price limit... it's too hard to find a cake in LA for that price.. maybe a slice! lol Tiramisu because it had beautiful lady fingers lined up around it. Of course it's in the photo! ^_- Then I decided against it because I was sooooo caked out. Maybe next time. I need a cake break.
My favorite cake at Porto's is the Opera Cake. I wanted to get a big cake of that but it's just a flat and unflattering cake. We both wanted something pretty despite taste. =oP So instead I picked up a slice for my tummy. Never too caked out for a tiny slice of the cake I love. Especially since their cakes are reasonably priced and sized. Not a one-bite and it's gone cake... that's for sure. They layer the chocolates perfectly with delectable cake.
They have really good Ham and Cheese Croissants so I always pick up a few to take home. I only ordered the remaining 3 they had left in the case. In retrospect, I should have ordered more! Ms. Lin seemed to enjoy the tasty baked goods. She stole so many bites! Boo! lol The croissants are huge and flaky. They definitely do not skimp on the ham and Swiss cheese inside. It's a much better deal and price than what you get at Tartine in SF. I'd take the croissants and baked goods any day over Tartine. My wallet will thank me too! ^_^ **OMG I haven't posted about Tartine!!! I need to get on that!**
Another fan favorite is the almighty Porto's Cheese Rolls! Yum YUM! The trick is to toast it lightly and let it cool so the crust can crisp. Then sink your teeth into the heavenly wonderful pastry that will have you begging for more! Be sure to toast it enough that the cheese oozing on the outside starts to crisp a little too. That way the center will be warm and moist with a flaky outer layer. The killer combo! I want one now! ^_^
Since Ms. Lin is so salty! Yes, she loves salty foods. I recommended her the Ham Croquette that is just a great mixture of diced Ham and Mashed Potatoes. It's very flavorful and on the saltier side. All batter and fried. How can you go wrong with that? It's just a simple and quick snack that I like.
While we were sitting down to chow down on some of our goods, an employee was walking around offering free samples. They were great! It's half the size of the original with all the flavor! I chose my favorite cheese roll and Ms. Lin got the Guava Roll, which is pretty good if you like guava. As for me, I am just not a fruit person but I have had this many times. If I got one, I would get the Guava CHEESE Roll! ^_- Got to have me some wonderful cream cheese inside. The guy was funny too. Apparently the staff was talking about me and the pictures I take. See the sacrifice I make for my site! lol
All in all I love this bakery. I wish there was one in OC! Even if it was 20 minutes away from my house I'd go often! For those of you who know me and know how lazy I am... that's the highest compliment! lol If you live in LA or go to LA often and have not heard or tried this place you are MISSING OUT! Where have you been hiding!! It's time you come out into the sun and see the world! Also my new favorite is the Caramel Kisses! Be sure to bake this so that the center will be warm before you bite in. It gives it that extra kick. They are shaped like a Hershey Kiss. Inside is filled with a Semi-Solid Caramel/Dulce de Leche. The cookie part is like a soft Sugar, Buttery, Shortbread like cookie. I am drooling just thinking about it! Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the awesome cookie and I have eaten it all already! Tough luck! ^_^ It's in one of the photos of the food case if you look closely. That's my Where's Waldo Challenge for you! Happy Hunting!

Porto's Bakery

3614 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 846-9100
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Anonymous said...

I am drooling just reading your blog! Porto's sounds amazing. I agree about the Caramel Kisses cookies - they are simply amazing. I almost ate all of the ones you guys gave me and only took a photo of the LAST ONE! Haha, that's what happens when something is too delicious. Will try to post that soon! :)

Kat said...

Yay I am so glad to see you on! I've missed your wonderful comments! ^_^ I look for them every day! lol

I am glad I have you drooling! ^_- My goal is to spread the joy of food. Now you will have to come down and I will take both you and your sister there. Wouldn't it be great if Ms. Lin was down too?

Haha congrats on taking a pic of the last one! I didn't even realize I didn't take a photo until I was editing and we all know that it was way too late! It just gives me an excuse to go back for more! Mwahah my plan worked! >=oP lol

Cant wait to read your post!

Anonymous said...

Aww I love Portos! I'm glad you love them too. My fave is their guava cheese rolls *sigh* man those are so good. Never been to the one in Burbank, but it looks nicer and much less crowded. I guess it also depends on the day you go, but man that place is always packed to the brim...but definitely worth it if you're buying several dozen guava cheese rolls! Hey, I wouldn't have stopped you grabbing a McCain cookie! :P In fact, I probably would have bought a dozen just to see the reaction on everyone's face hahahaha. Besides, you get ripped off buying a donkey. GO BRUINS REPUBLICANS! XD

Anonymous said...

Yay Tiramisu is still alive! ^_^ Your comment cracked me up! I knew you'd support my cookie buying, but for different reasons. You know that if you were there I might just buy the donkey cookie rile your feathers. O=9

Yah the Porto's in Glendale is always PACKED! I miss the old take a ticket and wait method there. I am not a big fan of standing in line. At least in the old way you can sit and just stare at the number sign, praying it will change! lol

The good thing is the Burbank location has free parking and is less busy than the Glendale one, but of course the Glendale one holds a special place in my heart.

They have awesome pastries for a great price. You really need to try the caramel kiss! It's my new favorite! I love it so much I forgot to take a photo and ate it all already. O=9

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat!

It's Kathy from Yelp. I just found your blog and I'm drooling already. I have to try Porto's. My bro brought the most delicious Cinnamon-type coffe cake from there. I can't believe I've never gone myself!

Happy Eating. Thanks for the happy hour links!

Kat said...

Hey Kathy! Thanks for reading! You definitely should try out Porto's. Hmm maybe I need to try that Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Sounds delicious! ^_^ They have a location in Glendale by the Galleria and one in Burbank on Magnolia.

No problem, I hope you enjoy Happy Hour! ^_- It was great meeting you at the event!

gourmetpigs said...

you were in burbank and did not call me ... ? Shame, kathleen, shame on you!

Kat said...

I was there with you the day before at Mori Sushi! =*( I didn't know you wanted to go. We went after we saw Jay Leno in Burbank. Next time I will let you know. I will be up in LA... Saturday? The 1st I think if you want to hang out all day. Let me know ^_^

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