Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As I am upset with Google and their allegations these days... I have not been motivated to post all that is happening. This is only just making me fall even more behind! >_<# Well to start off the trip I decided to try a new airport and airline for my short notice trip. I flew out of Long Beach Airport up to San Jose Airport this time. It was about time that I tried out Jet Blue for myself and see what all the buzz is about. They do have awesome deals on their website and LGB is so easy to check-in. There really is no wait for checking in or going through security. The process was swift, but it took a little longer for them to re-fuel the plane. We were delayed in take off but we arrived on time. I read their magazine to see what they serve on the flight and it seemed like they had a huge list of choices with the slogan that passengers should feel free to ask for seconds. Then I hear them announce over the PA that this is an Express Flight so they will only be serving bottled water and soda with a choice of Munchies Mix or Animal Crackers.
The overall flight experience was only so-so until near the end when the flight attendants walked around offering Free Maybelline Mascara. I was a little taken aback when they asked this question, but how can I ever say no to FREE STUFF! ^_^ Although I must protest about their sexist behavior for not asking the male passengers if they would like the mascara! An Outrage! LOL Hey I am all for equal rights and maybe they want to take it home for their wives/gf/family and stuff! lol Guess what? I am very easily bought! This pushed the trip back onto the positive for sure and it was the weirdest flight. The seats were spacious and comfortable. I got full-sized drinks and snacks, so that's always a plus. Although the flight attendant dropped a few cups of ice on my foot. Overall I was very satisfied especially since they offer pretty fair pricing and the check-in process was so smooth. Let's just say they had me at Free! ^_^


Anonymous said...

I've flown JetBlue a ton of times and have never gotten a single free item. What's up with this special treatment?!

Kat said...

I am just special! ^_- Ms. Lin flew down to LA on Tuesday and she flew Jet Blue as well. She just said she didn't get anything either. I don't know why they were giving it out. I thought it was the WEIRDEST thing, but I love free stuff so I took it! O=)

Maybe one day you will get lucky and get some random in-flight gift too!

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