Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eggettes : Ummm, No

So we took an adventurous drive to get some great ice cream and we ended up so far away from home in Outer Sunset. We were driving around looking for the ice cream store and Ms. Lin pulled into a spot right in front of Eggettes. I was about to jump out of the car and get some egg cakes, but she said no. She put her foot down that we are just going to go get ice cream, so she pulled out... and then pulled into a spot 1 car away... why you might ask. Well, the place was right next to Eggettes! Irony. So immediately I jumped out and ran into the store before she could veto my plot. I placed an order of the "Eggettes" hoping that they would be good since the store is named after them.Apparently this is a cyber cafe and pretty vacant. It's a little sad and void of life/decorations. The girl wasn't too friendly behind the counter. After she took the order she went back to her HK movie. I looked at the menu and couldn't find any decent drinks to try. As for the egg cakes... they were kind of blah. I didn't really want to eat them because they were flavorless. At least the cakes were crispy, but I wished the center was softer. They offer other flavors of the "Eggettes", which are probably better. Maybe one day I will go to another chain and get the chocolate or coconut flavor. I most likely won't come back here to get anything else even if I am next door picking up some ice cream.


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