Thursday, October 23, 2008

Since we were at Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building we had to finally try this coffee place that people rave about it. We were never successful in finding the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. on our many trips out here, but most of the time we brushed it off and just ate lunch. Since I am becoming more serious about food these days, I had to go! I guess you could call it my new mission in life. O=) They are located at the corner/side of the Ferry Building that leads to the Farmer's Market in the back. There is usually a line because they brew their coffees fresh as you order them. So it's usually about a 15-20 minute wait just to get your drink. You can watch them set up the cup/filters, put the grounded beans in, pour hot water, and just watch it drip down slowly. What else are you going to do while you wait? I guess you get a show with your drink? lolNaturally we lined up immediately and then came the dilemma on what to try here! I wanted to be super greedy and try a bunch since I refuse to line up again to order more if I like the place a lot. Ms. Lin stopped me and we both got a cup each to share amongst ourselves. I went first and asked the guy what he recommended. He suggested the Caffé Latte because the milk really brings out the flavor of the Espresso. That was what I was leaning towards and it worked out great. The flavor was smooth and strong. I added a bunch of sugar to my own liking. The coffee was good, but not mind-blowing in my opinion. I think it's all just a part of an experience! ^_^ They design the foam atop your drink with a cute leaf. I know it's simple to do, but I still find it very pretty and nice to look at. It's the new trend at most cafes to turn coffee into an art!Ms. Lin had to choose something different now since I ordered what she was also thinking. So she opted for the next best thing, the Caffé Mocha with Michael Ricchiuti chocolates. This had a natural sweetness but you can taste the bitterness of the chocolate mixed with the coffee. It's similar to the Caffé Latte, but with a strong chocolate kick. Same goes for this drink that it's not bad, but I would probably not crave it or seek it out. They also put a big leaf design on the foam, but mine was a lot prettier and symmetrical. Here is a little pop quiz for Ms. BumbleBee to play! Is it Ms. Lin's hand that's holding both cups or mine or split? O=9

All in all it was fun to join the crowd in seeing what all the buzz is about. It's interesting to watch your coffee be brewed right in front of your eyes without a machine in a drip cup but it does take a LONG time. Patience is a virtue! lol I am glad I stood in line and waited, it was fun. In my own infamous words, the taste... it was nothing special. Still I liked the art atop of my coffee and seeing them brew it. The people were nice and friendly. It was a nice day to be sipping fresh coffee and browsing through the Farmer's Market.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.
Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
San Francisco, CA 94101


Anonymous said...

My guess is the Ms. Lin was holding her own mocha drink. But the image does not show enough of the hand so it's hard to tell! Plus, I have no idea what your hand looks like.

The previous "hand" shot I asked Ms. Lin about was the photo of the ham croquette at Porto's. I thought it was a beautiful finger...haha. :)

Kat said...

I guess this isn't really a fair test, but it was just something funny I thought of when I was editing the photos. The next time I will make sure to take identical hand poses! lol

As siblings, Ms. Lin and I often argue who has better nails and a prettier hand lol. I told Ms. Lin that I "made" her finger look nice in that photo lol. It's my photography and editing skills! lol We play around a lot.

Actually the one holding the mocha is me and the one holding my drink is Ms. Lin's hand that you can't see too well. Next time I will be sure to put some more fun images up! ^_^

Hope you had a great weekend!

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