Sunday, October 19, 2008


I need my Q-Pop Chicken from Q-Cup! It's usually the first place I visit after I land or Ms. Lin will bring an order for me. After my last trip I have developed a great liking for the Strawberry Milk Tea to go along with my wonderful and savory Q-Pop Chicken! ^_^ Luckily I bought the drink or else Ms. Lin and I would die of thirst on the way back up to SF. To fully enjoy this you must have some sort of drink that will help compliment the flavor. This time I captured the wondrous photo of the Spices/Seasonings used to enhance the delicious fried chicken. I am so glad I will be going back again this Thursday! I just can't stay away! ^_- For more info and photos about this place, click the links that lead to the previous post.


Anonymous said...

Good choice! Q-Cup chicken is so delicious! If it weren't so fattening I'd have it all the time...drool.

Kat said...

Being fattening is what makes it GOOD! ^_- I know what you mean. I can feel my heart clogging most of the time, but at least I can die happy! O=)

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