Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ms. Lin and I will be going to a taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday, September 26th. See if you can spot us! ^_^ Oh wait... for my readers who don't know me how are you going to do that?!? But for those of you who know either one of us, I expect you to tune in for the slim chance of seeing our goofy faces! =P This will be my second time coming to see his show live. It pays to go to UCLA because we get to do fun things! **one of the very few perks** This will be Ms. Lin's first time and she wants to see him before he leaves NBC, which will be so sad. I think NBC really f@-ed up by letting him slip away! He will be missed, but at least now Ms. Lin can say she has seen his show live and I can say I have seen it twice now. =9

So be sure to tune in at 11:35 PM in So Cal on NBC or find the time and channel on your TV for this Friday! ^_-


Unknown said...

I knew there was something special about ya. You're a fellow bruin! I missed the episode. How was it?

Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed this! Been super busy hosting friends from NY (back to back weekends) so haven't had a chance to read your blogs. Glad to see that you are feisty as ever! :)

Kat said...

Hey Keizo! I didn't know you are a Bruin as well! ^_^ You can actually find the clip online. Let me look up the link.

Kat said...

Hey BumbleBee! Glad to see you're back! Missed you! ^_^ How did you like the cookies Ms. Lin brought? They kind of remind me of the oh so famous Peruvian ones. Of course not quite as delicate and good, but still good! ^_-

Oooh busy host! That's kewl. I hear you are coming down this weekend for a wedding! Too bad we can't meet up. One day you need to go to Cream Pan! **drool drool** lol

Here is the video link, look for the September 26th date!

Anonymous said...

Loved the cookies!!! Ms. Lin actually stopped me from eating them (I did take one bite) - insisting that I toast them before tasting. She was right! They were absolutely delicious - thanks to Ms. Lin and you for sharing them with us. Very similar to the alfajores (Peruvian cookies).

The funny thing is that when Ms. Lin told me she had something perishable for me, my first reaction for Cream Pan! Haha.

Anonymous said...

Aww I am glad you liked them. I had them the previous time I went to Porto's in Glendale and I told Ms. Lin about them. I thought you would like them. I think they taste better toasted. I even nuked them and still good! ^_-

Yah they taste like the Peruvian cookies... maybe not at buttery lol

She told me about your sneak bite and your Cream Pan wish lol. It's just too hard to bring back. She has never been. She abuses me as a little sister and I line up to pick them up and have them ready for her at the airport. They taste the BEST when you get it there though.. YUM YUM!

If you come down or have time this weekend I would totally meet you up! ^_-

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