Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Time For A Change

In preparation for my 26th B-day, yes I am over the hill =9, I went and got a new hair cut. After reading some reviews online about Universal Beauty Salon in Rowland Heights for a change. Normally my Mom drags me to this place on Azusa so I decided it was time for a change. Fanny was very nice and she seemed very busy. I got a last minute appointment in. She was pretty fast and the lady who washed my hair was very thorough. I think the overall experience was good. Would I be back? I don't know quite yet, I guess I have to wait to see what everyone says about the hair cut. The service was not bad but I really detested the parking situation. Originally online they said $28. They charge $33 for a hair cut now.


Kat said...

Update on my hair cut. I actually like it a lot because with a little effort and styling it looks completely fashionable. Without styling it looks fine too, although I hate short hair but that's not their fault. =9 I would probably go back in the future for another cut! ^_- So I will officially recommend it.

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