Friday, September 12, 2008

One Of Many To Come...

Here is the first of many B-day cakes to show everyone. So for my real B-day I bought a cake to eat with the family. Sadly, half of the family was at the hospital so only my Mom and Aunt were with me. I hate Ms. Lin for living so far away. I hate Tofu for moving! The hate goes on... >=P I wanted a light cake because I am sure I will be eating TONS of dessert this week. While we were in Irvine, I decided to stop by JJ Bakery. They usually are my favorite cake place. I just like the simple Vanilla and fruit cake. Normally I get it with Strawberries, but on Wednesday I saw that they had a Seasonal cake with Mango.
No question that I love Mangoes! So I had to get the cake to try it out. The person working there was not very competent. I asked her a few questions and she didn't seem too knowledgeable. I have to say that their service has gone down the drain. The other lady there was a bit rude when I paid. My Mom hates dealing with them so she refused to go in. I will probably still go back because this cake was actually pretty good. It was very light and fluffy. I thought the orange-ish yellow fruit on top was Mango but it was actually Peaches. A little disappointing, but the filling inside is full of Mangoes. The flavor was good and we all enjoyed it. You could eat tons of the cake because it was very light and tasty.
While I was there I picked up my favorite Daikon Pastry, but I think they messed up the batch that day. I felt it was overly bitter and seasoned weirdly. Maybe it's just a fluke. I will get it again next time, but buy one and try it. Don't be greedy by getting a bunch. Thank goodness I was being good that day or I would have regretted it. They taste better after you have lightly toasted pastry and let it cool slightly so that it will become flakier.

P.S. I just noticed on their packaging as I was editing that they are so funny. My parent's told me they were a FAKE JJ Bakery. I bet they got in a lot of trouble that's why they put the disclaimer on their packaging. =9


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