Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Saturday, MBA and I went out for lunch and grabbed a movie for home. We were actually searching for Neopet toys and codes. O=9 I am so mad about the Laguna Niguel location. They are so lame, they didn't have the bags and neglected to tell me that the codes are on the bags. I bought a bunch of toys and NO code! OMG! The evilness! We went to the one in Aliso Viejo and they had some lame toy. Why have the ad outside when you haven't even gotten the code! >_<# We ended up going to Thai Bite because we couldn't find the place I wanted to go to. I had read about Thai Bite a while back so I thought why not. As usual, I got a Thai Iced Tea to drink. They gave the daily soup with every lunch. It's your typical tangy Noodle soup. I thought the flavor was fine, nothing extraordinary but definitely not bad. For our lunch items, I debated for a while and I decided to go for the Lemon Chicken. MBA was going to get something completely different and all of a sudden decided to get what I ordered. She didn't want to be envious later or have any regrets so she decided to order the exact same thing as I did. =P Luckily too! It was actually pretty good. They fried the heck out of the chicken. I am glad they used breast meat and they were quite crispy. The sauce was good but became too sweet when you got towards the bottom. Still, it was good and it was all meat so I loved that! ^_^
All in all the food was fine and the prices were reasonable. Is it one of the best places I have had? Definitely not, but it's fine if you want Thai food. I think I still like the Thai food by my house more. We were happy and satiated that's all that matters. Thai Bite

26921 Aliso Creek Rd Ste J
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 643-0627
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