Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So this is from Ms. Lin's last visit when we were in LA. We decided to try out Boule in LA/Beverly Hills. Since Ms. BumbleBee and HoneyBee highly recommended this place, how could we not go? We had a long packed day of food, which I will get to eventually! ^_- I lived in LA for almost 5 years and I never really saw this place. When I saw the address I had a gut feeling that it must be located near Trashy Lingerie. I must say the "location" is very questionable. Whenever I drove down La Cienega and passed this area I always try to avert my eyes because it's kind of dingy... and scandalous... How interesting to find a high-end bakery/patisserie and soon Sprinkles next door. Hmmmmmm lol
This is definitely not a sit down place to enjoy the desserts. There wasn't anyone there when we went and we found parking easily. At first I was a little agitated because it was nothing like I imagined and the prices were a bit high. Since it came so highly recommended I had to give it a shot. I think luckily I write reviews later on because I will end up writing nicer reviews. So Ms. Lin and I hovered over the Macaroon area debating on what to try. They didn't have a LOT of the flavors, which kind of upset me! All the ones that I wanted to try and was unique were not in stock! BOO! They only had the regular boring ones. Below is the Lavender and Raspberry. The macaroons texture were pretty nice and had a good taste. I thought the lavender one was decorated beautifully and was flavorful. Ms. Lin insisted on getting raspberry against my wishes. Now that I was editing the photos I noticed that it was cracked! If we did it then I can't say anything but if it came that way... perish the thought that they sell imperfect macaroons! lol The raspberry macaroon has gold dust on top. I thought the texture was good, but I was just okay on the flavor since I don't like raspberry.
Below are the Meyer Lemon Macaroon, Passion Fruit White Chocolate, and Coffee Macaroon. Both macaroons were only so-so in flavor but I do like the texture and taste. Ms. Lin thinks that it is one of the best or better ones in the U.S. I guess I agree too because I liked the shells. Although I told her that Bouchon in LV was not bad. **don't worry I will post that up too!** The chocolates were expensive, but I guess normal for high-end, for what you get. There wasn't anything that special to the flavor and chocolate combo. I'd rather go to Chuao for their Parchita.
We wanted to try some of their pastries so we picked up a Fleur de Sel Eclair. I loved how it was decorated. The iridescent molded chocolate just attracted my eyes. I thought the flavor was good, very sweet. The texture was slightly crisp and moist inside. It wasn't bad, but pretty small for the price.
All in all it's a nice modern place. I thought the macaroons were good but we didn't get to try any flavors that would win me over, hopefully they will have some of the ones I want Thurs or Fri! We picked up a few more items but I can't seem to find the photos. I will be sure to photograph the Fleur de Sel Caramels that they sell. At first I was skeptical because they were quite pricey, but they did look good. We only bought a few and I was tempted to turn around to buy more but the price stopped me. Now that I will be up in LA again I think I will pick up a box of 20! Screw the price! Yum yum in my tummy! ^_^ They were a little bit too salty but I like the balance of salty and sweet. It really brings out the flavor and essence of the sweet flavor. When we went I told Ms. Lin that we HAD to have some of their ice cream, but she convinced me not to. Everyone says I should try it still. I blame her! Of course this week we will be eating salted caramel and some ice cream from here! ^_- I am putting my foot down! lol


408 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 289-9977
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mattatouille said...

i used to get macarons at the beverly hills boule all the time since it was next to my office. I like Paulette's a little better.

Anonymous said...

Do try the ice cream! You can ask for samples, I sampled the vanilla and I loved it! I tried another flavor and it was ok, forget which one.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, my favorite chocolates are the white chocolate with passion fruit inside, and the hazelnut mocha. Guava is pretty good too. I wonder if you went today or going tomorrow. I think their fall flavors are out now which includes pumpkin and chestnut. Bumblebee and honeybee will be making a top next weekend!!! Bumblebee made me drive past it last week while visiting a client so I can wait for her!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh thanks for the suggestion Mattatouille! Since you mentioned it I looked it up on the internet and it looks great! We will be going there Friday now on our way out. Thanks for the tip! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to re-visit Boule again. I actually love their chocolates quite a bit - I guess it depends on which flavor you get. I'm not a huge macaron fan, so will be trying the ice cream and pastries this time.

Kat said...

Yah I think we didn't choose the right chocolates. We only had 3 pieces and we were only so-so on them. I think I am spoiled by my Belgium chocolates! ^_- Too bad Chuao closed down in Irvine or I would tell Ms. Lin to bring that back for you next time. I think it's better, but different from Boule's. There are some other great places in LA if you are a big chocolate fan. I am always willing to recommend! ^_^

Maybe I am cheap on chocolate because I think they are kind of on the expensive side. Then again, what isn't there? Lol I like Salted Caramels more. I bought 28 of them for home! Hmm I will go eat one now lol.

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