Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lobsters Beware!

Even though I have caught a bad cold, I still had to come to Lobster Festival in San Pedro! Mind over matter, but in my case... Stomach wins all! ^_^ Also I made plans with a bunch of friends so I have to keep my promises and show up. Luckily I convinced my best pal E to come with me or I would be super mad at Burumun for being so late. Next time I am going to start charging you when you are late! >=P
E and I arrived a little behind schedule and showed up around noon. There wasn't a lot of cars in the parking lot on 1st street. We took the shuttle to the event. I really hate that there is an admission fee because you really only go there to eat, which you pay more for! Admission is $8, but there is always a $2 coupon on their website to print out. Be sure to print them and bring it! They are pretty stingy about it. If you don't have one then you will be forced to pay the full price. The cost for 1 lobster has remained $17 and for 2 lobsters is $31.
There wasn't much of a line to buy tickets and we got in pretty quickly. Surprisingly there was NO line at all for the lobsters. We just strolled in picked it up and immediately lined up for them to be chopped. Hopefully you can see my small collage of them hacking away. I think this year they have a better system versus last year you had to grab almost everything separately, which made no sense. This time around the Cole Slaw, Butter, Bread, and Lemons were on the plate with the Lobsters.
They offered Watermelon as well, but when we went to get it they would point to another place. Not that we needed the watermelon, but they were still very disorganized. E only wanted one lobster so of course I bought a plate of 2 lobsters and took the extra one! ^_- Can't get enough lobsters! If I had more money to waste I would get a bunch and scare everyone around me. My cholesterol might sky rocket, but I would die happy!
Normally I eat really slow and delicately, but in today's case... forget it! The lobsters this time were actually hot and pretty fresh. I tore into them rather quickly! Before leaving home I told my Mom that I never eat the heads or the cholesterol-filled eggs. Of course being the good kid, I asked if she would like me to bring them home. Hey, I am Asian... I can't waste food! It's a sin! Normally I am lazy about cracking or peeling, but when it comes to something I love... watch out as I dig in! O=) I finished all 3 lobsters before E finished 1! That's right! Of course this is because she was eating every nook and cranny. I only ate the tail and the claws. The good parts with meat of course! ^_-
Since it was pretty hard to find a seat in the blue tent in front of all the lobsters, I had E stay there as I walked around to buy more food. I guess I never learn and I don't have that great of a memory. Hopefully with this blog, I will learn my mistake for next year. So I walked around checking out all the food stands. It's all really just fried food with a few varieties and repeats. I went to the stall with the most people. They also had me when I saw the words Cajun. At Shabazz's I ordered their huge Fried Combo Platter. I asked if there was wings in it and they apparently didn't quite get what I meant, so I thought there were no chicken wings inside. I ordered another huge Chicken Wings Platter as well.
BIG MISTAKE! I shouldn't have been so greedy. Those 2 things alone cost me $23! I should have just gotten another 2 lobsters at that rate! There was only 3 small Shrimps in the platter and they were the best tasting too. It was mostly Fried Catfish that were kind of flavorless. Of course it turns out that it came with wings. I had a bunch of wings and fried food in front of me. I blame Burumun! We just kept eating and eating because we had nothing else to do as we waited for almost 2 hrs for her arrive. We can't resist to munch when all the food was just sitting in front of us! Also I wanted to meet H.C. but by the time Burumun got there he probably left. =*(

This year they didn't give away free bottled water at the entrance. I only brought a small one to take my cold medicine. I decided that we are here to have fun so I gave $5 to E to go buy a Strawberry Lemonade to share. It was extremely cool and refreshing. Of course the drinks were really watered down, but this drink really complimented the fried food. That's why when Burumun finally got here I recommended that she get one too.
Finally the piece de la resistance... I usually never get a Corn on the Cob, but since Burumun got one... I needed one too! ^_^ I can't be left out of course. It was delicious as usual. Kudos to Burumun for knowing that I would want mine buttered! The unhealthier the better! It was sweet and crisp. **drool drool** I love my corn, but I hate how it gets stuck on your teeth.

All in all I had a great time with E and Burumun when she finally showed up. She did ruin my plan of trying a new patisserie... grrrr! Oh well... next time! Maybe I will stay with Burumun for a few days and she can drive me to the patisserie and get some authentic Japanese food too! Of course we will be back next year for Lobster Fest again too!


H. C. said...

Wow! Burumun told me of the 5 lobsters -- but top that with the fried combo platter?! Crazy!

Sorry I missed you as well -- I think we were at the fest till around 1pm before moving our cabooses to the well A/Ced Whale and Ale for cold beer and better-made food.

Kat said...

5 lobsters? I only ate 3 **looking around shyly** I could have ate more, but my wallet was getting kind of empty. Yes, the fried food way over-killed it.

If only we could have meet up I could have had better food rather than over fried carnival/festival food! I blame burumun! =P

Maybe next year when I am out there again I will make Burumun go with me to check out the pub. ^_^

Keizo said...

Great post! So did the lobsters cure your cold? Looks like you had a good time. Do you think they can do lobster ramen next year? Then I'll go for sure...hahaha.

Kat said...

Thanks Keizo! If only you could have came with us! It would have been more fun!

The lobster did help only the duration of when I was gobbling down the lobster! ^_~ Other than that... still sicky =*(

Yumm Lobster Ramen! I would gobble that down too! You had me at Lobster! ^_^

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