Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recently I have been on a huge Ethiopian craving and I was wondering where I could take my best pal E to for dinner that would be cheap & good. What better way than to introduce her to Ethiopian food because it is not costly, a new experience, and good. I mapped out if going to Little Ethiopia would be very far from Lobster Fest, but one day I happen to see that there was one in Anaheim! I was so excited and eagerly awaiting the chance to take someone with me to try it! So of course on our way back from Lobster Fest I had to stop by Merhaba for a quick bite!
The restaurant is tucked away in the corner of a strip mall. We were both still VERY FULL from Lobster Fest since all we did was eat Eat EAT! O=9 So we decided to just order 2 dishes. Normally I would be very greedy and be compelled to try a bunch! Also I debated a long time about ordering the Ethiopian coffee but I was afraid it would be like the one we had at Messob. Eventually after a long debate I decided not to since it would be a huge waste if I don't like it and E doesn't like it. That would be $12 down the drain. At Messob it wasn't as bad because there were 8 of us. For our main dishes I decided to get the Zel Zel Tibsy and Kelwa Bighe Tseada. The tibsy is home grilled Beef Strips Seasoned with Assorted Spices and tossed with Onion & Green Pepper. It's not really that spicy but it was seasoned well and the meat was decent. The kelwa is mild saute of Lamb. I liked this more than the beef because it was more flavorful and the meat was more tender.
As usual, there are no utensils provided in Ethiopian/Eritrean food. You use the Enjera/Injera to pick up all the food to eat. I don't think E really enjoyed the dining style and found the enjera/injera a little awkard. The food tasted decent, but to her they were nothing out of the ordinary or distinct to make her think it's Ethiopian. I told her that I ordered the safer foods because she would probably never eat the Kitfo, which is raw meat, or other more adventurous dishes. Personally, I thought the food was decent and the service was fine. Would I seek this place out? Most likely not, but then again it is slim pickin's in the OC for Ethiopian food. We will see in the future! ^_^ It's definitely not the best Ethiopian/Eritrean I've had but it's solid still.


2801 W Ball Rd
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 826-8859
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Anonymous said...

You are quite the adveturer like your sister! I love Ethiopian food too, but there are none near San Mateo (where I live) or South Bay (where I work), so I'm also craving it these days...

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks! That's why Ms. Lin and I get along really well. We both look up food all the time. I want to almost say I am more adventurous but we are about the same. You should call Ms. Lin up about Ethiopian in SJ 'cuz she told me that she has been craving it like crazy. There are some really good places in Sunnyvale I think. ^_^ I wish I could go with you guys.

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